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Thumbs up!"Claimed by some to be the 'original' Earl Grey recipe, Jacksons is certainly one of the best..."
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Jacksons of PiccadillyIt's no secret - I love Earl Grey tea. There's something about that delightful blend of smoky - but not too smoky - tea leaves with that cirtusy - but not too citrusy - oil of bergamot essence that just gets my cheeks tingling. The problem is, its darned hard to find a decent Earl Grey blend. To date the most consistently-pleasing and widely-available brand I've found has been Twinings Earl Grey, and that's been my ol' standby for several years running.

Recently a friend of mine mentioned that he'd gotten a tin of Jacksons of Piccadilly Earl Grey for his girlfriend, and that she'd gone bonkers over the blend. Sounded interesting. A quick Google search revealed that Jacksons of Piccadilly actually claimed to have invented Earl Grey (or Earl's Grey, as they call it), going so far as to claim that theirs is the only "true blend." So of course, I had to try it.

One snag, however. No one seemed to sell it anymore.

I checked countless tea shops, online and off, British and American, and not a one of them carried Jacksons Earl Grey. Many that had in the past now said it was "discontinued." A phone call to Jacksons headquarters confirmed this. I did, however, after much much MUCH searching, manage to find ONE online retailer who seemed to have a good-sized stash of Jacksons Earl Grey left. No, I'm not going to say who, because - as I'm about to reveal - I'm now addicted to the stuff, and I may need to re-up my supplies soon!

Anyway, let's just say this - Jacksons blend is (1) unlike any Earl Grey blend I've had before and (2) is extremely, extremely delicious. I say this with one tiny caveat. One out of every 4 or 5 brews comes out rather bland. I don't know if this is because the tea is just variable, or if its "tempermental" (i.e. doesn't react well to over/understeeping, too hot or too cool water, etc.). However, when everything "clicks" this is quite possibly one of the best cups of Earl Grey you'll ever taste.

The bergamot aroma is really quite faint in the blend, leading you to expect a more smoky and muted flavor. But the result is quite surprising: a deliciously fruity, almost sweet, tinge which is decidedly bergamot in nature but truly is quite different from the "bergamot" taste you'll find in most other blends. Its not overpowering - it literally just dances on the very tip of your tongue and then fades into a crisp, delicious sip of tea.

Its beyond me why any company would discontinue a blend as delicious as this, particularly a blend which is currently so popular, and which they claim to have invented! I don't know what the odds are of convincing them to bring this back into production, but I'd certainly sign the petition.

In the meantime, I'll be jealously guarding my personal stash of Jacksons Earl Grey.

It really is a cruel irony that I only discovered this tea after it was discontinued.

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12 Responses to “Review: Jacksons of Piccadilly – Earl Grey”

  1. Jacksons Fan Says:

    It really is stellar stuff, shame its out of stock everywhere!!

    My Rating: 9/10

  2. Caliphus Says:

    A good tea, not my favorite though.

    My Rating: 6/10

  3. Eric Says:

    They certainly have the most beautiful website I’ve even seen!

  4. aswmr ixhlwye Says:

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    My Rating: 1/10

  5. Pam Says:

    I agree with Stephen that Jackson’s Earl Grey was the best, moreover, their Assam, Black Current, Orange Pekoe and many others were not surpassed. Too bad quality lost of the new tea-hype (tea, well hot drinks).
    And I agree that Jackson’s’ eweb site is very subtile indeed

  6. Junko Says:

    I agree. Jackson’s Earl Grey was the best. I was buying the tea from UK after they stopped exporting it to Australia.

    My Rating: 10/10

  7. Mike Says:

    I’ve got one tin left. It was all we drank at one time. The Twinings stuff was always far too over-scented. However, in desperation it’s possible to ‘dilute’ the Twinings offering with equal or greater quantities of normal black tea to create a ‘poor man’s’ Jackson flavour.

    My Rating: 9/10

  8. Daniel Says:

    Can somebody please confirm that the Jacksons Fairtrade Ceylon Earl Grey is infact the original recipe of their Earl Grey!?
    I would guess that it is the same taste but now they’ve certified the deliveries to be able to label it Fairtrade.


    My Rating: 10/10

  9. Jonah Says:

    It isn’t. Earl Grey was created before Ceylon tea existed.

  10. Jo Says:

    The original Jacksons Earl Grey tea was produced using China tea. Twinnings bought out Jacksons and subsequently stopped using their recipe – couldn’t stand the competition! In my opinion teas from Twinnings have always been inferior to Jacksons and Jacksons Earl Grey was the only black tea I could drink without being left with a taste in my mouth all day. I no longer drink any tea.

  11. Elisabeth Says:

    Several generations of my family have drunk Jacksons Earl Grey, and I miss it dreadfully. Does anyone know of any group who are interested in pressurising Twinings to produce it again? Has anyone found a reasonable substitute? I have spent a lot on buying different brands to try. The nearest I found was St. james Earl Grey, but it is not so subtle.

    My Rating: 10/10

  12. Richard Says:

    Twinings bought out a French firm that made its own version of Earl Grey that was very much like the Jackson’s of Picadilly blend. After the take over they immediately stopped its production – it seems they cannot stand decent competition from any quarter. Still looking for a decent subsitute to both blends.

    My Rating: 9/10

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