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Not Great"An extremely delicate oolong... I was hard-pressed to coax any flavor whatsoever out of these leaves. Too delicate for my tastes."
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adagio-ooooh-darjeeling.jpgOoooh Darjeeling is a delicate, honey-colored brew with very little actual flavor. What flavor can be detected is slightly earthy and gritty, more like an oolong than a Darjeeling (which is fair, since it is an oolong tea). Those who enjoy full-bodied, or even half-bodied, tea flavors will undoubtedly be disappointed - as was I. This is the sort of tea you brew a second time, thinking you may not have added enough tea leaves or allow for enough steeping time. But even after multiple attempts I wasn't able to coax much more flavor out of these leaves.

I'm sure there are tea-lovers out there who can appreciate such a delicate brew - I'm just not one of them. Drinking Ooooh Darjeeling was, for me, just one step above drinking plain hot water.

Adagio describes the tea thusly:
"A rare first flush oolong tea from the Darjeeling region of India. While it is fairly uncommon for an Indian garden to produce anything other than black tea, the growers at the Gopaldhara estate have produced this exquisite exception. Steeped in a quality that rivals its Taiwanese and Chinese competitors, our Ooooh Darjeeling is sure to produce both 'ooohs' and 'aaahs.'"
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  1. Lisa Says:

    So what will we drink now that Jacksons Darjeeling is gone? I heard that it might be sold in England. Any truth to that? I’ll import. What can compare to my favorite tea?? I don’t get the different flushes and estates….. trial and error?

    My Rating: 10/10

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