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Its OK"Smells like a bakery filled with fresh baked muffins... I would purchase this tea again."
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fast-lane-lg1.jpgAfter a second night in a row of less sleep than my body generally requires to function optimally, I surveyed my available teas for the morning and quickly decided that something with a name like Fast Lane just might be what I needed to assist me in becoming a fully functioning member of the workforce!

When I first removed the bag, I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma which was both spicy and sweet. Once finished brewing, the tea was a very attractive amber hue, which again surprised me as I expected anything supplying the type of caffeine kick I was anticipating to be a dark black beverage. I first tried Fast Lane plain and while it smelled like I was spending the morning in the middle of a bakery filled with fresh baked muffins, I didn't really notice much of a sweetness to the flavor. That being said, I do generally add a bit of sweetener to my tea. After adding a little organic Turbinado, this tea was actually quite good, and yes, after little more than ½ a cup, I was beginning to feel the fog in my head clear!

I would purchase this tea again, for just the type of morning I had today. I would have given the tea a higher score, but in general I am not a big fan of Celestial Seasonings storage system. When using teabags, I prefer them to be individually wrapped so that they are easier to pop into my bag for travel. Individually wrapped bags also seem to stay fresher for a longer period of time in my estimation.
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8 Responses to “Review: Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane Tea”

  1. David Deckert Says:

    As a lifelong tea drinker in America I have been forced on many occasions to drink Lipton Teas which I consider “Swill” yes you heard me Swill!! Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane tea is one of those rare finds that last a lifetime. I have drank for the most part only English type teas – They taste the best. Fast Lane really works to get you started in the morning, no joke & it really tastes great. Everyone who tries the tea really enjoys the flavor. And they ask so where can I buy it. I’m forced to tell them only online at Celestial Seasonings website. I don’t mind buying it by the case since it comes right to my door. I’ve even given fast Lane as X-mas gifts there are always smiles & Thank You’s that are given. Come Feb. I’m asked so where did you buy this anyway…. I really great tea for those who need a little something extra in the morning.

    My Rating: 10/10

  2. Pepper Says:

    Fast Lane lovers, rejoice! I found Fast Lane at Whole Foods. I actually went directly from the check-out to the P.O. and mailed my sister a box as I could not believe my good luck in finding it again after so long.
    Fast Lane is not my favorite tea, but it’s my go-to tea when I need a quick pick-me-up. All the zip with no jitters. If you drink tea for a boost, this could be just what you always wanted.

    My Rating: 9/10

  3. sarah Says:

    I bought Fast Lane at Super Wal-Mart two days ago!..and I’m absolutely addicted. As a matter of fact, i have an entire carafe sitting next to the keyboard here…lol…its a fine thing

    My Rating: 9/10

  4. Denise Well Says:

    My ultimate caffeinated tea!!!

    My Rating: 10/10

  5. Eric W Says:

    Bad news Fast Lane Fans: the powers that be at Celestial Seasonings have decided to discontinue Fast Lane! Email them and ask them to keep producing it! And buy it up while you still can! 🙁

  6. Kathy Says:

    I LOVE this tea!! I am horrified to learn its been discontinued. I called Celestial to confirm. Does anyone know who might still carry it?

  7. David Says:

    Yes – it is true Fast Lane has finally biten the dust!! Celestial Seasonings has decided to no longer offer the tea. I have however a stash of two whole cases of fast lane which I have in my possition. If Interested let me know via email:

    I would be willing to sell for the right price?? Let me know!

  8. Tanya Says:

    I am a tea connoisseur and have had tea in multiple countries. Fast Lane tea is OUTSTANDING. The flavor has subtle hints of cinnamon but nothing over powering. After the tea was discontinued, I looked all over for a substitute but all those teas fell short. The closest tea in quality and taste are some of the flavors at Teavana. While those teas are good and significantly more in price by about $12.00-$15.00 per pound they still do not compare to Fast Lane.
    I think one reason Fast Lane may not have been a big seller is not due to taste but the stupid box. It’s the most unattractive box in the Celestial Seasonings line.

    My Rating: 10/10

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