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Thumbs up!"An excellent desert tea, not particularly flavorful on the tongue but very rich and chocolatey in the aftertaste. Could be a bit more pronounced in the spice department though. "
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specialteas-spicy-chocolate.jpgThe world of chocolate teas is new to me, so maybe this isn't as shocking to my more experienced readers as it was to me but... there was no actual tea in this "chocolate tea".  Perhaps this is par for the course, maybe you're laughing at my unbelievable ignorance right this minute, but hey, for me, it was quite the surprise.  To be fair, there's chicory root in this blend, so I guess that counts as a type of herbal tea.

I guess.

The full ingredients list for Spicy Chocolate No. 601: Cocoa kernels, cinnamon, chicory root, cardamom, ginger, cloves, pink pepper, and dessicated coconut.

Of all those delightful ingredients, I tasted two - the cocoa kernels, primarily, and the barest, slightest, almost indistinguishable promise of a hint of cinnamon.  From the name of the tea I expected this to have a bit more of a kick of to it, something like a Mayan Chocolate mixed with a mid-range Chai.  But no, this is primarily a chocolate drink, with a tiny hint of cinnamon.

That said, it was darned good!  I stuck with the brewing instructions, which advised a 7-10 minute brew - I did the full 10 minutes - and I threw in a pinch of sugar to bring out the chocolate notes.  The result was an excellent desert tea, not particularly flavorful on the tongue but very rich and chocolatey in the aftertaste.  That miniscule bit of spice creeps in from time to time, trying to poke its head through to at least one or two tastebuds... sometimes successfully, but usually not.  Still, it was a fine cup of tea - the sort of thing I'd probably go for when I had a hankering for some chocolate but didn't want to kill my diet with a full dessert or a candy bar or something.

If I were rating this strictly on a scale of how much I enjoyed the tea, it'd probably receive an 8/10.  But the word "Spicy" in the title kept niggling away at me.  Folks who buy this blend are more than likely expecting - as I did - something with a bit of a kick to it.  And although I really did enjoy this tea, a part of me was left wondering just how much better it would have been if all those potentially delicious spices (which really are in there, you can see them) actually made it into the final brew in any meaningful way.

So, yeah, I'm a stickler.  One point off for false advertising.  7/10.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Hey add ginger for the kick!

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