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Thumbs up!"A thick and aromatic brew, almost more of a fruit-juice than a tea. Citrus lovers will likely adore this, though it could be a bit strong for the casual tea drinker. Personally I found it delicious."
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specialteas-blood-orange-fr.jpgSpecialTeas' Blood Orange Fruit Melange is an herbal tea (hibiscus, rose-hip peels and saffron flowers) with a flavor so bold, you could almost mistake it for a full-bodied fruit juice. The primary ingredients in this blend are (not surprisingly) the fruity ones - orange peels and "apple bits," with a dash of "natural blood orange flavor" thrown in for good measure.

The resulting brew is thick and aromatic, with a dark red hue that lives up to its name. The first flavors you'll get are citrusy-tart - so strong it may make your cheeks tingle a bit. It finishes a bit sweet, and its only in the aftertaste that you can detect the underlying herbal notes.

I added a half teaspoon of sugar to my brew and it actually ended up a bit too sweet, so be mindful of that when brewing your own cup. There's definitely some natural sweetness tucked away amongst all those fruit pieces.

Personally, I really enjoyed this brew. I'm not a big fan of herbal teas for the most part, but I do like a good citrus tea, and this is one of the better ones I've had in a long, long time. There's a freshness and a naturalness to the flavors here that you don't find in many other blends, which rely more heavily on artificial flavorings or simply use oil extracts. This is definitely the real deal - just look at the picture above to see all those delicious little fruit bits in the blend.

I do think, though, that you have to be a real citrus/fruit fan to appreciate this tea. My wife, for instance, recoiled after the first sip - she couldn't stand the stuff. So, probably not an all-around crowd pleaser, but certainly for folks like me who really enjoy their citrus brews, and who like them heavy on the fruit-side, this one may just be a new favorite.

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