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Thumbs up!"A delicate and unique Earl Grey... the bergamot isn't very strong, but what's there is paired nicely with a vanilla/creme flavor."
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specialteas-earl-grey-delac.jpgAt this point I think its taken as wrote that I am something of an Earl Grey fanatic. So on my last purchase from SpecialTeas I bought at least one sample of practically every Earl Grey blend and variation they offer. I already tried their Earl Grey Royal a few days ago, which was complex and interesting, but wasn't necessarily a "wowsah" kind of experience for me. So today I flipped through some of the other blends I'd not tried yet, and out popped Earl Grey de la Creme.

SpecialTeas describes this blend thusly:

"Flavored with the same oil of bergamot as our classic Earl Grey (No. 820) but with a hint of vanilla and cream. A smooth and aromatic blend with a wonderful creamy-fruity flavor that appeals to a wide range of tastes. Even if you are not an Earl Grey fan, we recommend you try this tea."

Well, it was interesting. In my experience, most Earls Grey tend to be either dominated by the smoky flavor of the tea base, or the citrusy/flowery flavor of the bergamot oil. Earl Grey Royal was unique in that it was a complimentary and bold mix of both. Earl Grey de la Creme, meanwhile, is at almost the exact opposite end of the spectrum. While you can clearly smell the delicious aroma of both bergamot and vanilla in the leaves and even directly from the brew, on the tongue these flavors are extremely faint and mild. The vanilla picks up a little in the aftertaste, but the bergamot remains tucked away for the most part. You can barely pluck it out of the background if you really concentrate on it.

With all that said, I have to say I really did enjoy this tea. I usually prefer Earls Grey that are much more heavily flavored with bergamot, so my initial reaction wasn't very positive. But as I took a few more sips and really savored the tea, I found that this oh-so-delicate blend was actually quite nicely balanced. I was genuinely a bit sad on the final sip - always a tell-tale sign of a darned good tea.

I'll definitely be resampling this blend again in the near future. SpecialTeas recommends it with sweetener and a bit of milk - neither of which I added - so I may give that a try on the second go-round.

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3 Responses to “Review: SpecialTeas Earl Grey de la Creme”

  1. Jessica Says:

    This was one of the first loose leaf Earl Greys I’ve had. I did enjoy the sweetness this Earl Grey had. I made the mistake of adding milk and sugar which, I thought, made the tea weak and washed away the flavor. Next time I’ll try it without milk or sugar.

    My Rating: 7/10

  2. Kath Says:

    I just discovered this tea a few days ago. I attended a shower at a tea house, and this was one of the blends they offered. As I went back to get some tea, I ekpt asking “What is that great smell?” Kind of like a delicate lemon chiffon. It was this tea.

    I finished my first cup and immediately got a second one, and then bought it loose at their store. I love Earl Grey, but this is on the delicate side, so it’s nice when you don’t want that bold bergamot taste.

    I do add cream and sweetener since I have a hard time drinking tea without (should have been born in England, eh?)

    My Rating: 8/10

  3. eva Says:

    i purchased this one, as my husband is a lover of all things earl grey. the tea itself is beautiful with the cornflower petals. i found the tea smooth, well balanced. the aroma was wonderfully intoxicating, without the vanilla or bergamot being too strong or dominant. i enjoyed this black and with milk. i can see us keeping this tea around in the regular rotation

    My Rating: 8/10

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