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Thumbs up!"My first Earl Grey experience and one I have no trouble recommending."
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twining.jpgEarl Grey is a tea that I have wanted to try for a while. It is probably the most famous of teas, and has a robust, classy image. Stephen picked up on my interest in exploring Earl Grey teas and sent a few for me to review. He suggested that I start with Twinings because he feels it is a good ‘baseline' for comparison. This should not surprise you if you have read his reviews on Earl Grey; Twinings in particular. So, this morning I decided I would jump in and try Earl Grey

Earl Grey leaves have a distinctive odor that is probably very familiar to tea drinkers, but would be hard to describe to others. The odor comes from the bergamot and it is unique. Twinings has a very nice smell, with the clear aroma of bergamot. The aroma of the brewed tea continues this strong ...œ but not overpowering ...œ smell of bergamot. Pouring it into my cup, Twinings Earl Grey had a dark, robust look. I want a strong tea in the morning, and this was clearly not going to disappoint in that respect. But strong is only one part of the experience; I also want good tastes. Drinking this Earl Gray is like drinking a ‘thicker' drink. The bergamot seems to have a milky or oily quality that feels like it ties the tea together, giving it a less ‘watery' taste that some other teas. This makes it very smooth to drink. There are hints of several flavors including an earthy bitterness and a slight sweetness.

With some teas, I have noticed a bitterness or flavor left on different parts of the tongue that sometimes cause the taste to linger. There really is not much aftertaste with Twinings Earl Gray. It is not bitter and leaves almost nothing on the tongue. There is just a sensation in the mouth that Earl Grey has been there, then almost nothing.

I like this tea and am excited about trying more brands of Earl Grey. However, it is probably not a good one for someone's introduction to teas. It has a distinctive taste that you either like or don't like. I'm glad that I have gone through several other teas before trying this one, I think it makes me appreciate it more. However, this is not my favorite tea. Maybe I will acquire a love for Earl Grey ...œ many tea drinkers seem to ...œ but for now, it is not one I could drink on a regular basis. Still, this is a very good tea and one that I have no trouble recommending, as long you've been drinking tea for a while.

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3 Responses to “Review: Twinings Earl Grey”

  1. Tea Amigos Says:

    Mike: Ahhh Earl Grey Tea. I remember when I had my first cup actually. I was about 10 years old and my mom placed it before me. When I caught a whiff I got turned off immediately and refused to drink it for perhaps the next 7 years, when I was reintroduced to that Bergamot Aroma. With my tastes matured a bit, I was able to drink it and appreciate the flavor this time around.

    I drink Twining’s Early Grey Tea every day, not out of choice, really, but because that’s what they have for free at work. Never doubt my familiarity with it. Let me tell you, I’ve tried my fair share of Earl Grey Teas and this one is sub-par. You see, Earl Gray is a congress of black tea and bergamot herb together. You are not supposed to be able to distinguish each one. The taste is inseparable. A fusion if you will. Twinings Earl Grey, on the other hand, tastes like black tea with a hint of bergamot in it. It’s neither here nor there, and its lack of identity is really why I would shy away from it had I the choice.

    Rating: C+

    Dax: Starting off our Tea-a-Day reviews with a Twining’s brand tea makes perfect sense. We drink Twining’s everyday, due to its amazing availability. Right when I get to steeping Twining’s Earl Grey Tea, wofts of bergamot blast me in the face, a product of “this exquisite recipe by an envoy on his return from China”. Personally, Twining’s Earl Grey smells better than it tastes and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike would say the same thing. There is no “refreshing aftertaste” or “soothing finish”, just some earl grey, in a cup, that I hope you didn’t pay for. I’m not mad at you Twining’s, but jot this one down to improve a bit next year. I can list quite a few Earl Gray teas that are on point, and Twinings comes up a bit short.

    Rating: C

    My Rating: 5/10

  2. Earl Grey lover Says:

    You had the classic original Earl Grey by Twinings. They no longer sell that to the public, at least not in the USA. The new Earl Grey tastes like warm water. It’s beyond disgusting. Bring back the original Earl Grey, Twinings!!!

    My Rating: 3/10

  3. Joseph Szigeti Says:

    RE:#2 Nobody cares about the American version of this tea. This is the most amazing tea everywhere else in the world.

    My Rating: 10/10

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