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Thumbs up!"A dark, rich, earthy and smoky tea... perfect for lovers of intensely-flavored black tea. "
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artoftea-tnt-vintage.jpgWhile doing a little review, I found quite a few health claims attached to this tea. Almost all the claims had to do with the unusually vital Mongolian peoples who remain in relatively good shape, despite eating pounds of meat a day. Of course it is their double fermented "Dark Tea" that is touted as the primary cause of this. I would tend to believe that their remarkably slim figures are more the result of spending months on the frozen tundra, as apposed to those of us who eat just as much meat for our taxing life of sitting at a desk.

This Tea has a very strong, but pleasing, aroma. it fills the room with a smell of dried fruits and potpourri. This Tea is so pungent that it made my entire apartment smell better while it sat in the canister I've set aside for Tea samples. It was almost a shame to drink it and return my home to its plain homey smell. While steeping, this tea takes on a hearty, earthy smell. This Tea is prepared as a small disc, or cake, kinda like other pressed Chinese Teas. The disk spins as it dissolves and rises to the top of your infuser, if its transparent you get quite a swirling spectacle followed by the sight of the disk dissolving. Its really a strange sight, like watching a dry sandcastle collapse while standing on your head.

If you hate Black Tea, your going to despise Dark Tea. Its got a rich, smokey Black Tea flavor that slightly burns the throat. This Tea makes even the strongest Black Teas seem mild. I wonder if there is actually more caffeine in this than is found in Black Teas, as I got a pretty good buzz after just a few cups. At about a buck a disk this tea may not seem like the best buy, but in my book its well worth it. I just have to wait for my Tea cupboard to be just a bit more bare.

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2 Responses to “Review: Art of Tea TNT Fucha Vintage Dark Tea 2003”

  1. Troy Says:

    As an addendum, this tea does not appear to be sold by Art Of Tea anymore, however there do seem to be a couple of resellers on Ebay. Also the apartment improving smell was (apparently) from another tea entirely as I have never had such a strong scent from this tea since. Everything else is still true….

    My Rating: 10/10

  2. Zeke Says:

    Troy, I appreciate your sincere and candid reviews but want to bring a suggestion to your attention based on your addendum here. You have to be careful what kind of values you share with others on the internet, particularly the one enjoyable experience that was you noticing the environment of your apartment benefiting so to such an extreme by way of what we can call the olfactory displacement being stimulus–to a sense, of smell.

    There’s a science here–I’ll leave it (more or less) up to you to figure it out exactly, but just remember-value and your truest opinion is only at best-still slightly less valuable to any other than to…

    Give your tea another whirl, if you can find it.

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