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Thumbs up!"A wonderful Chinese black tea with a malty, honey-like taste. I would not hesitate to recommend this one, especially if you are a fan of Darjeelings."
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specialteas-china-buddah.jpgWhile placing my first order with SpecialTeas, I came across their new China Golden Buddha. Generally, I go for black teas from India or Sri Lanka (Ceylon), so it was time to try one from China. This is one of the more expensive teas from SpecialTeas, so it must be great, right? SpecialTeas certainly seems to be proud of it;
An exquisite China Black tea from the Pan Yang region of the Fujian province. The curly, young golden downy buds look as though they have been sprinkled with cocoa. Only certain tea plant varieties have the ability to transition into this golden color during leaf processing. The fuzzy, golden down 'leaf hair' provides a nectar-like texture to the brew.

Alluring honey and cocoa notes intensify when cooled and the rich, malty brew releases dark chocolate undertones that linger on the palate. A hardy tea that will keep and age well. Good as is or with milk.

The smell of the leaves is very nice. It has a high-quality, ‘mountainous' aroma. That may sound odd, but it gave me the impression of a mountain. It may just have been a fluke, but I have since discovered that the Fujian province is a mountainous terrain. They do have a primarily ‘golden' color. There is a hint of honey and cocoa that adds to the delightful aroma.

Once brewed, the China Golden Buddha has the aroma of a traditional black tea, with just a hint of the cocoa. The taste however, is quite different. I have not tried a Golden Monkey tea, but that seems to have been the starting point for this tea. It has a strong, malty, almost Darjeeling-like quality, with a hint of the honey. The cocoa is not really noticeable but probably helps to give this tea its unique flavor and does show up in the aftertaste. It is very smooth, and although not described as such, tastes like a slightly flavored and very rich Darjeeling. The aftertaste is mild and only slightly bitter, and there actually is a hint of dark chocolate. Its nice to come across a tea that lives up to its description. SpecialTeas recommends trying a second infusion.

Maybe SpecialTeas recommends the second infusion in order to make the high cost more palatable. I know that people's feelings differ on ‘double-dipping' and some will never consider trying it. However, I gave it a try with this tea as the seller recommends it. Obviously, the second infusion is weaker, and as such, China Golden Buddha looses a lot of its uniqueness. The strong and smooth malty taste is substantially reduced and the taste is more like a traditional breakfast blend with a malty aftertaste. For me, it is not nearly as enjoyable as the first infusion.

SpecialTeas China Golden Buddha is a wonderful premium tea with a malted honey taste. I have no trouble recommending it to anyone who enjoys black teas, but especially to fans of Darjeeling, although I recommend skipping the second infusion.

— To purchase SpecialTeas China Golden Buddah, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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    SpecialTeas stopped selling Golden Buddha as of May 2010.

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