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Thumbs up!"Downy golden buds brew a complex liquor composed of squash, butter, pepper, and chocolate... not your average black tea."
Trent’s Teaview: 9/10
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mightyleaf-golden-monkey.jpgClass: Black
Origin: Fujian Provence
Crop: unspecified
Vendor: Mighty Leaf
Price: 3 oz - $14.95

Vendor's Description:
Golden Monkey is a complex black tea from China's Fujian Province with golden-tipped leaves meticulously picked by hand in the Spring. The Golden Monkey infusion opens with the aroma of autumn leaves and delivers a rich nutty flavor with a caramel finish.

Brewing Parameters:
• Gong Fu
• Water Temp: Boiling
• Rinse: 5 s
1. 10 s
2. 11 s
3. 15 s
4. 20 s
5. 1 min

1. chocolate, squash, butter, pepper
2. peppered chocolate
3. smooth squash & chocolate body, pepper aftertaste
4. pepper topnote, buttered squash body
5. subdued woody flavor

1. squashy body with a peppery tinge, buttery
2. buttered squash body without a peppery tinge
3. sweet, complex honey
4. pepper topnote, chocolate body, squash finish
5. subdued woody aroma

Overall Impressions:
Contrary to popular opinion, I have always felt that the Gong Fu method greatly accentuates the diverse flavor profile of “Dian Hong” black teas (Golden Monkey is a “dian hong”). Just as I predicted, utilizing Gong Fu greatly assisted me in identifying the particular flavors composing this tea. “Dian Hong” is not like any black tea you have tried before. Whereas most black teas have a relatively simple flavor profile, the profile of “Dian Hong” is complex. If you predominately drink black tea, but wish to branch out into the world of oolongs and pu-erh, I would highly recommend trying any “dian hong” you can get your hands on.

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3 Responses to “Review: Mighty Leaf Golden Monkey”

  1. lee Says:

    I agree with you that generally Chinese black teas are more complex than Indian or Ceylon black tea.
    But golden needle is not a Dian Hong. “Dian Hong” means Yunnan black tea, which also has substantial amount of golden tips. “Dian” is the old chinese name for Yunnan province. “Hong” means red(in China “Black Tea” is called “Red Tea” because of its reddish or amber color liquor)

    My Rating: 7/10

  2. golden monkey tea Says:

    […] black tea from China??s Fujian Province with golden-tipped leaves meticulously picked by hand in the Mason Monroe Railroad Announces 2008 Season Centre Daily TimesThe Lebanon Mason Monroe […]

  3. jt Says:

    good review. this is my favorite tea. you can also buy at or in store but it is much more expensive. I will now be able to order it much cheaper thanks. If you link to the website at Mighty Leaf they tell you where the tea is from. Are there any other teas that are similiar to this?

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