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Its OK"A strong black tea with definite coffee-like notes... this would be a great introduction to teas for seasoned coffee addicts."
James’s Teaview: 6/10
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zoomdweebies-radioactivitea.jpgThis is my first tea from Zoomdweebie's. I am a fan of breakfast teas, and obviously the name of this one implies that it will wake you up and get you going. Zoomdweebie's website doesn't say too much about the tea; “RadioactiviTEA: Malty and strong, Get your Caffeine on!” Clearly, they want to give the impression of a strong cup of tea. The one review on the website recommends this tea as an alternative to coffee. I was starting to become concerned that the tea may be too strong. My day was going to consist of sitting in depositions all day. Although I certainly needed something to keep me awake, I was starting to become concerned that I would be too wired!

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, the experience of drinking tea starts with the aroma of the leaves. I don't think anyone would disagree with me, and it is similar for those who drink coffee. When I first opened the pouch and smelled the leaves, I received a strong aroma that reminded me of roasted-coffee ...œ something I am starting to think indicates a strong tea ...œ and the unmistakable character of a breakfast blend. Next comes the aroma from the brewed cup. It was strong ...œ much like other breakfast blends I've tried ...œ with the roasting quality only slightly subdued.

I was really expecting this to taste like a typical breakfast blend, but it was slightly different. To be honest, I think differences in traditional breakfast blend teas are minimal ...œ other than in quality ...œ so I expect them to be similar. The roasted-coffee aroma of the leaves was still present in the taste, although only slightly. The normal bitter (ok, astringent) quality is blunted slightly. It also had a slightly coffee-like aftertaste. I had a co-worker who drinks coffee regularly try it, and she described the taste as “half tea, half coffee”.

I would have to agree that this would be an excellent tea for people switching from coffee. I've made that comment about other teas, but it applies more to this one than any other I've tried. For that reason, I will not be purchasing any for myself. I am not a fan of coffee; I am a tea drinker. I like the taste of tea and not the taste of coffee. However, that aside, this is clearly a high quality and strong breakfast tea that most people would enjoy in the morning. If the coffee taste did not bother me, I would probably have given it a slightly higher rating.

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