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Its OK"A unique, thick and hearty brew, more reminiscent of a coffee creamer than a tea. I was a bit disappointed but I'm sure there are those who would enjoy this blend."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 6.5/10
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teaguys-chocolate-delight.jpgChocolate Delight, by Tea Guys tea company, is a really interesting blend of black and green teas, cocoa beans, barley, apple, yogurt, and other natural flavors. The tea has of a very clean aroma that is heavy on the chocolate; the other ingredients aren't really detected in the aroma. As far as taste, however, all of the ingredients contribute to the flavor of this tea. The cocoa beans make a rich and sweet flavor. The chocolate flavor is less sweet than in other chocolate teas I have had, and is definitely more cocoa than chocolate flavored. If you are expecting a chocolate flavor like what can be found in a candy bar, you should seek elsewhere, as this is a much more natural cocoa flavor. The apple and the barley give the tea a little bit of substance, making for a nice, filling cup of tea. I can't say much for the black and green teas, as the flavors added to this blend are pretty powerful and don't really allow for the tea itself to really come through on the palette. The combination of apple, barley, yogurt and other unnamed "natural flavors" together however, resulted in a tea whose flavor was just a bit off from what I expected. The liquid almost seems more like coffee than tea. Each time I tried this tea, I could definitely detect a coffee-esque flavor, although it's unclear which ingredient is the culprit for the coffee flavor. There was also an element of the flavor (probably from the yogurt) that tasted just a little too much like those powdered coffee creamers. In the end, I ended up being a bit disappointed with this tea, but I do think it has potential for coffee drinkers as well as tea drinkers that like a thick hearty brew. I probably won't be purchasing this tea myself, but nonetheless I am glad that I got to sample it.

— To purchase Tea Guys Chocolate Delight, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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