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Thumbs up!"I've only had two cups of this tea, and I am already addicted."
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black-assam.jpgCoconut tea has always been among my all-time favorite tea selections. I have had coconut teas from at least four other vendors, and while I have enjoyed them all, my general conclusion had been along the lines of "you taste one coconut tea, you taste them all". Enter Zhi Tea coconut assam to show me the errors of my thinking. This tea smells stronger and fresher than any coconut tea I have tasted. There are small pieces of coconut mixed in with the tea leaves. Zhi's website also mentions that the coconut, like the tea itself, is organically grown. An instant nutty sweetness struck my nose and had me near salivating (but luckily I was able to control myself). The brewed tea is, in a word, divine. The coconut flavor is authentic (not a hint of artificial flavor here), and is just right in terms of its strength. What made this coconut tea so unique from other coconut tea offerings is that Zhi tea manages to perfectly capture the essence of toasted coconut, and it is that little special toasted flavor that really makes the difference. The tea is hearty, sweet, and delicious. The tea is perfectly sweet and enjoyable on its own, but the addition of milk and sugar made it a downright satisfying beverage that was hearty enough to satisfy my all-too-common cravings for something sweet. Zhi Tea knows how to make naturally-flavored teas that really quell a sweet-tooth such as mine (and trust me, that is no easy feat). The rich and malty assam base is perfect to bring out the sweet and nutty coconut flavor. I could continue with my ravings, but it should suffice to say that this tea rocks. Hands down, Zhi's take on coconut tea is the best coconut tea I have had yet. I've only had two cups of this tea, and I am already addicted. Zhi, what have you done to me?

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One Response to “Review: Zhi Tea Coconut Assam”

  1. Anne Says:

    In my opinion, there is nothing worse than synthetic tasting coconut flavor so when I first brewed a cup of Zhi’s Coconut Assam, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I happen to be a huge fan of anything coconut flavored and really wanted to like it so I was hoping for the best but didn’t have very high expectations. So it was not without pleasure when I tried the tea to find that it had a lovely natural tasting coconut flavor that had me draining the pot.

    The flavors of the tea are layered with a toasted nuttiness combined with a sweet spiciness. It is soothing and rich at the same time which is a combination that is always the best part when it comes to a cup of tea for me.

    I usually prefer my tea without milk or sugar but I can see this being absolutely delicious with the addition of both as an accompaniment to dessert.

    The tea is unique and comforting simultaneously and I’d have to say a definite winner.

    My Rating: 9/10

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