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Thumbs up!"You don't just drink it for the flavor, you drink it for the experience. You drink it to make your mouth feel alive."
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lupicia-earl-grey.jpg I tried this tea with my family while on vacation. The look, feel and smell of the tea leaves gave the impression that this was going to be a standard, well flavored Earl Grey tea. My family and I are big Earl Grey fans so we looked forward to trying it. Our reaction reminded me of something from when I was young:  The tea is Darjeeling, but the water is from a well in Tibet. If you know where that came from, you're laughing right now. It was an old Caffeine Free Diet Coke commercial where two pompous tasters were identifying obscure beverages by taste 63 Montrachet, picked by a man with one leg until one of them identifies Caffeine Free Diet Coke as Diet Coke. Well, if they tried this tea with us the first time, they would have said The tea is Darjeeling but the flavor is crap!


So then we read the directions again, brewed the tea properly, and got down to tasting the tea right. The dry tea had compact, dark leaves and an intense, almost overpowering aroma of cardamom. When brewed (properly) the leaves expanded nicely into large bits and the aroma mellowed to a classic bergamot flavor that stayed on the tongue for a long time and left just a bit of an astringent tickle at the back of the throat. Drinking this tea was similar in experience (though not in flavor) to drinking a big, peaty, single malt scotch from Islay. You don't just drink it for the flavor, you drink it for the experience. You drink it to make your mouth feel alive. I will be recommending this tea to anyone who truly appreciates Earl Grey and understands that drinking is more than taste and smell.

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