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Thumbs up!"This tea has a somewhat mild flavor for such a distinct smelling tea, it was slightly floral and sweet, with a honeylike coloring. It has a wonderful natural sweetness, and I preferred the tea very lightly sweetened."
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simpleleafchloe.jpgI will preface my review of this tea by mentioning that I am just starting to develop a keen interest in Darjeeling teas, and that interest has been furthered by The Simple Leaf's interesting tea called simply "Chloe." I have had just one other experience with a Darjeeling, which I mistakenly thought was a green tea, not having read about the tea prior to tasting it. To me, both Darjeeling and some green teas express similarities taste and scent wise, and provide a bridge between the realms of black and green teas. I definitely want to explore more darjeeling teas based on these experiences, which surprises me as my limited experiences with black teas haven't overwhelmed me. That's changing, and Chloe is a good starting point.

Chloe is a Darjeeling Green tea, grown at high altitude (about 5000 feet) in India. The estate from which the tea comes is Bio-Organic (meaning that they employ both biodynamic and traditional organic farming techniques, I assume?) The dry leaf is green with a golden brown tawniness in coloration, and is full and fluffy, sweet and definitely vegetal in smell. The fullness of the leaf made me want to use less, but brewed, it doesn't expand the way an oolong does, so I was glad that I used plenty of leaf. The leaves, wet, brightened to a pretty mossy green.

This tea has a somewhat mild flavor for such a distinct smelling tea, it was slightly floral and sweet, with a honeylike coloring. It has a wonderful natural sweetness, and I preferred the tea very lightly sweetened. The flavors are complex - not just lightly sweet, but also possessing a light astringency, not unpleasant at all, and a certain
dryness to the taste which is really interesting. Interesting is how I would describe this tea. The vegetal nature of the tea is not overbearing, the sweetness is just right in my book, and the taste of the tea greatly surpassed the smell. The tea really woke up my senses, keeping my mind intrigued by the balancing of flavors. I would say the noticeable flavors/aspects of this tea are primarily as follows: gently sweet, astringent, dry and vegetal, in that order. Each nuance is noticeable and distinct enough to be appreciated in its own regard. I really enjoyed the complex qualities of this tea, a Darjeeling Green has definite and distinct qualities from other green teas that I have tried, the biggest difference being in the vegetal flavors being less forward than some of the other flavors.

I recommend trying this interesting tea. If you are somewhat confused by the Simple Leaf's somewhat baffling titling of their teas, as I am, try anyway. Part of the fun of the curious names is that you are compelled to learn a little more about what you are considering drinking. The website is easy to navigate. The name Chloe meant nothing to me taste or variety wise, so reading about the tea was necessary. In the process,  learned quite a bit about the tea. The Darjeeling Greens are a very interesting family, I definitely want to try more based on this experience.

— To purchase The Simple Leaf Chloe, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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2 Responses to “Review: The Simple Leaf Chloe”

  1. Matt Says:

    I felt the first paragraph of the review caused some confusion. Darjeeling teas are teas from a certain area and can be found in various levels of oxidation (black, oolong, green, white, with black being the most common).
    Chloe is a green tea from the Darjeeling area and has given me reason to not dismiss teas from the area (I’m not as much of a black tea drinker).

  2. jamie Says:

    Thanks for the note. I agree, the first paragraph is a bit confusing and results from still being in the acquisition period of learning about teas, oxidation, etc! Could I edit my review, I’d just remove the first paragraph, or rephrase it! Your comments are right on, and interestingly, the outcome of our opinions appear to be quite similar. Best, Jamie

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