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Thumbs up!"It is nice and tasty. The spices used in this are fairly subdued and I don't think strong enough to bother those that are spice sensitive."
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teaguysdarjeelingpeach.jpg"A sweet blend of dried peaches, organic darjeeling and brisk black tea complimented by the spiciness of ginger and the sweetness of cinnamon. Every peach's dream, and a marvelous afternoon treat hot or iced!" --- Tea Guys website.

Ginger Peach Black Teas have long been a favorite tea blend of mine--even before I got really 'into' tea. I like my Ginger Peach tea to have a full flavor profile and to be very peachy. The dry sample does have pieces of little dried peaches but smells more of cinnamon, ginger and clove. Yes, there are a couple of cloves in here and I know this because I actually found one. Interesting twist on the typical ginger peach.

I infused this using water that had been brought to a boil and allowed to cool slightly for 3-4 min. The steam coming from the wet leaves and from cup is reminiscent of what I would call autumn peaches. I steal this term from some canned peaches that my daughter likes to eat that are contained in a cinnamony syrup. That said, the flavor profile is by no means syrupy or in your face. You can taste the black tea here and it is a nice strong black tea with a little bit of dryness on the finish. The autumn peach flavor tends to be most noticeable in the nose and then comes in more in the finish and aftertaste. It is nice and tasty. The spices used in this are fairly subdued and I don't think strong enough to bother those that are spice sensitive. I enjoyed this best with just a few rocks of rock cane sugar.

This is definitely a unique take on the typical Ginger Peach Black Tea that can found everywhere. I would like it a little better if the peach were a tad more in your face. However, it is quite good and one that I look forward to enjoying again. I didn't try this iced, but I think that it would be very good and that the twist that the spices add to it would be refreshing in the summer. This is definitely worth your consideration.

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