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Its OK"This tea is extremely smooth, but may lack the pizazz that some tea drinkers may expect out of their beverages. I find it highly intriguing, and perhaps a bit mysterious as well."
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stashmutanwhiteI admit that I'm somewhat of a newbie to the fine and delicate world
of white teas. It really seems to be a whole other world of tea than
what I am used to. There's quite a bit of fascinating information
about white tea's many nuances and intracicies, supposed health
benefits and restorative properties, history and production... in
general, white tea is uncured and unoxidized, generally more 'rare',
and contains younger leaves (and often buds as well), and may not
contain as much caffeine as most teas. It also is reported to be the
one tea most closely tied to cancer-fighting effects. It almost
exclusively comes from the Fujian province in China.

Furthermore, this tea is summed up just about perfectly on the Stash
website, so rather than paraphrase incoherently, I'll simply leave
their text intact: "Mutan White is made from the leaves of the "Dai
Bai" or "Big White" bush and mixed with buds from the "Shui Hsien" or
"Water Sprite" tea plant. The leaves have silver tips and are
predominantly greenish-brown in color and very flat. The buds are
lustrous, soft and silvery. Its name, a literal translation from the
Chinese, probably comes from the very pale color of its liquor."

I have rarely ever brewed my tea leaves more than once. Generally
I enjoy the caffeine effects from tea (which are all but extracted
completely in the first 30 to 45 seconds of the first brew). However,
in my research on white tea, almost all literature seemed to indicate
that not only *can* you enjoy several infusions of the leaves, but you
more-or-less *should* brew multiple infusions. I decided to put it to
the test.

My first brew was for roughly 3.5 minutes, with initial brew temp at
about 195 degrees. For my second brewing (using the same batch of
leaves), I brewed at about 6 minutes, at roughly 5 degrees less.
Within the first few sips, this tea revealed a muted kaleidoscope of
gentle flavors. Literature shows that this can be expected out of
multiple brewings, but I found it to be the case with just the first
few sips of the first brew.

Overall, this white tea gives off the aura of a fine jasmine tea. But
it quickly gives way to reveal many fine properties. A chameleon in
liquid form, this tea changes flavor and texture with virtually every
sip. Once smoky, then gentle and herbaceous, then sweet and lingering -- but always ever-so-gentle on the palette. It's deceptively complex, as you would not expect such a wide range of flavors out of a delicate tea such as this.

This tea is extremely smooth, but may lack the pizazz that some tea
drinkers may expect out of their beverages. I find it highly
intriguing, and perhaps a bit mysterious as well.

— To purchase Stash Tea Mutan White, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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