Review: Tavalon Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling

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Its OK"This is a safe investment for anyone seeking teas with a bitter hue or anyone consistently adding sugar to tea."
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tavalonmargaretsThis tea smells like a late summer garden patch. The color spectrum is quite similar as well, meshing greens and browns and blacks as one would find in that romaine section of said patch. I would argue that the flavor carries that same gardenesque atmosphere with it, for better or worse.

The tea tastes as much green as black, but it carries a tinge to the back of the throat that I find off-setting. The recommendation from the producer is to add sugar and I believe that this is an honest and accurate requirement for the tea to hold up properly. It's a calm flavor otherwise, but the aforementioned tinge of bitterness steals from what would otherwise serve as a smooth tea. In fact, it might even bare the red of rooibos in its properties without that dark sting.

The sugar soothes the tea and makes it much more enjoyable, but I am summarily against the sweetening pre-requisite for a natural beverage. Furthermore, similar teas do not require the natural cane and, accordingly, it feels as though something was lost in the design.

This isn't a bad tea, but it does dictate additives to achieve its true self. Ultimately, it's probably a safe investment for anyone seeking teas with a bitter hue or anyone consistently adding sugar to tea.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Brad (and anyone else) – I highly recommend giving this tea another shot, but at a much lower brew temperature! I had similar vibes on a higher brew temp, but the lower temp really does make a significant difference. This is the one tea that I have noticed the biggest difference with temperature having a HUGE effect on the taste! At a lower temp, this is one of the finer teas I’ve tried recently.

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