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Thumbs up!"Rich and bold with pepper and chocolate flavours all encompassed in strong malty overtones."
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teavanablackdragonAnyone can probably guess what I first noticed about this tea: The beautiful hand-rolled balls the leaves come in. I know those beautiful flowering display teas get a lot of flack for often being made out of lower-quality tea, although I think they still serve a purpose. Speaking for myself, most of my tea-appreciating friends don't know enough about the beverage to tell the difference between decent and great-quality tea, so I still use them with enthusiasm, hoping the pretty flowers distract them from the taste. Anyway, if such flamboyant teas are your style, and if you want something showy without having to miss out on quality, these gorgeous leaves are probably a great place to start.

Let's just jump in balls-deep (HA!) and get to the nitty-gritty of this tea. I steeped two balls in about 5 ounces of water for three minutes with just under boiling water, and I was left with an adorable little cup of deliciousness. I actually strained my tea, but I've read elsewhere that you can feel free to leave the leaves and sip after they settle.

Taste-wise, this is exactly what you would expect from a high-quality Yunnan: Rich and bold with pepper and chocolate flavours all encompassed in strong malty overtones. This is the kind of tea I could enjoy immediately after waking up or as the evening is winding down. It's the kind of tea I immediately want to share with friends, and now that I think of it, my sharing high-quality deliciousness may be the only reason I have friends. Hmm... I'm all right with that.

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