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Its OK"A nice Darjeeling - one that is less dry than its black tea cousin, complex, and medium in body... though barely qualifies as an oolong in taste."
Laura’s Teaview: 6.5/10
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tankha1rg.jpg"Phoobsering is one of the oldest tea plantations in Darjeeling. Produced at about 6,000 feet, our high-grown Tankha oolong tea is medium-bodied with floral notes and a complex flavor. The liquor is bright and golden, and subtle hints of tropical fruit, sweetness, and a faint woodiness can be detected. India may not be known for its oolongs, but of late they have been showing signs of perfecting the art." --- The Simple Leaf website.

I'm sorry but I must gush one more time about how much I love the information provided on the tea grower and tea estates on The Simple Leaf's website.  It is a website worth taking a few minutes to visit.  I have had this sample in my stash to be reviewed for awhile now and have been putting it off time and again for no real reason.  I guess that having read other reviews that indicate that it is more like a black tea (Darjeeling to be exact), and then noticing that leaves even look more those of a black tea kinda made me less excited about it.  Don't get me wrong, I like both oolong and Darjeeling and happen to own some amazing leaves in both categories.  Anyway, this is very unusual looking for a blend that is an oolong.

I infused the leaves with less than boiling water for 3 min.  An interesting point to note is that I generally find oolong needs to cool a bit in order for it to reach its ideal taste.  This is not so with Tankha.  This immediately tastes like a Darjeeling black tea.  It has a nice natural sweetness to it and I can pick up some fruity notes too.  There is also a sort of woody dryness to it, but the dryness is very mild in comparison to a full-bodied Darjeeling.  However, I really taste little, if any, oolong flavor.  If I were to stretch my imagination and point oolong characteristics, I will tell you this reminds me more a green oolong in that as it cooled I was able to pinpoint some floral notes.  This blend has much more in common with a Darjeeling black tea than with oolong.  To me, it is like it's great, great grandma was an oolong and everyone in the family since has been a Darjeeling black tea.

If someone asked me about purchasing Tankha, I would suggest that they purchase it looking for a nice Darjeeling---one that is less dry than its black tea cousin, complex, and medium in body.  As a Darjeeling, this is pretty good.  While oolongs exist in many forms and fashion, this barely qualifies to be an oolong in taste.  However, overall, it is still fairly good and if you love Darjeeling and are getting into oolong this might be for you.  It is reasonably priced at $13.95 for 4 oz.

— To purchase The Simple Leaf Tankha, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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