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Thumbs up!"Lovely color, taste and fragrance make this a cup well worth savoring at any hour, alone or in good company."
Jamie’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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nariengoldentipsGolden Tip varieties of tea are so beautiful! The brightness of the golden leaves mixed against the black are pleasing and give you a sense of complexity straight off the bat. Narien's Yunnan offering won my regard right away with its tippy beauty. The bright golden tips glowed against the black and the tea's slight smoky tobacco scenting was promising. A little nibble of some dry leaf offered me the faintest smoky taste - like my memory of what I liked best in a Lapsong Souchong, but lost in its overpowering strength. So I was quite eager to brew the sample and see what more I could discover.

This tea brews up nice and dark, with a wonderful hint of smokiness to the aroma and a deeply rich and warming scent. The flavor, to my tastes, was definitely tinged with smoke, but with a gentle quality rather than a heavy fire. Imagine the difference between your breath on a mirror and the way the mirror looks after the shower's been running for half an hour.

Naturally sweet and with that wonderful smokiness, there was lots to please the taste buds here. The smoky flavor lingered for me, which I really enjoyed. I didn't find the body of the tea to be particularly strong and think this tea would be particularly suited for afternoon tea. It has a mellow, contemplative quality to it, managing a fairly full taste but a nice mildness as well. Complex enough to keep your interest through the entire cup (and second infusion) but not so much so that you can't relax into the cup and enjoy it. Lovely color, taste and fragrance make this a cup well worth savoring at any hour, alone or in good company.

As a side note, I tried this tea shortly after trying a Lapsong Souchong. I found the flavoring of the Lapsong completely overwhelming and was repelled by what was for me a too intense scenting of smoke. But something in those few sips of tea compelled me to try other offerings perhaps a little less intense in processing. Specifically I was intrigued by the wonderful piney aroma that came through in even that very strong Lapsong. This tea is in no regards a Lapsong Souchong, but the very light but pervasive smokiness (not distinctly piney though) of this tea was satisfying in all regards, conveying a great deal of that wonderful flavor along with sweetness and the substance of the tea itself without any palsying effects! I think I may have stumbled happily onto the middle way with Yunnan Golden Tips.

This tea seems very well priced at $9.00 for 4 ounces.

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