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Thumbs up!"When water touched batch, it infused the blend with a deep burgandy liquor."
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cinnamonplum.jpgThere should be a sub-classification for herbal blends that have more ingredients than can be counted on one hand. Herbal infusion or tisane don't conjure images of the grandiose. Teas with flavors so complex that they can't be readily identified should have a new marker. I vote for "smorgasblend".

Any takers?


Ah, to heck with it, then.

Rishi Tea threw a bunch of stuff against a wall and kept the ingredients that stuck. In this case, that would be cinnamon, hibiscus, currants, licorice and plum flavor. Okay, maybe that is only five ingredients. I swear it seemed like more. The loose and dry batch gave off noticeable plum and licorice odors. Hibiscus tartness didn't peak out, but not surprising, given it's usual role as food coloring.

I brewed 2 teaspoons in the usual 16-ounce majesty for five minutes. For an herbal medley this thick in scent, only scalding hot water would do. Anything less would be a travesty. When water touched batch, it infused the blend with a deep burgandy liquor. Hibiscus and licorice finally emerged for their dueling banjo solos; as in, they finally got their word in taste-wise. Not much sense from the cinnamon other than a sweet bit at the beginning, however.

A note of caution, though. Keep the pot of this blend hot. The colder it gets, the more pungent the taste, but not in a good way. It is an excellent blend, but best served hot. Lukewarm water will make it taste like heated prune juice.

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