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Thumbs up!"This is a big tea, with deep, broad, complex layers of flavor."
Patty’s Teaview: 8.3/10
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nariengoldentips"...a beautiful Yunnan black tea with tippy, golden colored leaves. Brews a rich aromatic cup with a delicious spice tone." I recently acquired a sample of this tea, and I definitely will be ordering more. It is just a beautiful tea, from the richly fragrant dry leaves to the deep brown liquor, to the complex flavors in each sip.

I've had a tough week. That happens to all of us occasionally, and I'm not really complaining. My point, really, is that there have been quite a few times when I just wanted to settle down with a really good, but not challenging, cup of tea. This tea has fit those times perfectly.

Don't misunderstand me when I say "not challenging." This is a big tea, with deep, broad, complex layers of flavor. It takes multiple brews quite well, at least three with each batch of leaves. I guess I would compare it to a quiet, steady, beautiful, elegant, dark horse, sitting quietly in the barn, waiting for those moments when you want a dependably perfect, thoroughly top-of-the-line but unfussy partner. This isn't a fussy tea, with downy leaves and little bits and pieces scattered hither and thither. It isn't a subtle tea that requires you to dig through your taste diary to decide where it fits. It is tea, big, simple and pure. It is beautiful, from the dry golden-tipped large leaves to the last sip from my mug.

And yet another case of NO BREWING INSTRUCTIONS. (grrr) I did my customary (for black teas) 5 minutes of 212, with two rounded teaspoons for sixteen ounces of water. To be honest, I've been brewing it right in my mug, not bothering with the teapot. That means those leaves have been steeped steadily for quite a bit of time. I'm on my third go-round with this set of leaves and the tea is delicious. There are flowery notes, grassy tones, hints of nutmeg and allspice, unapologetic richness to the body. It would take sugar, honey, milk, lemon, anything you want to throw at it.

Mostly though, it tastes the way tea is supposed to taste. And it's soothing my fatigued soul, as it has done all week long. It's a tea that restores my faith. Faith in what? Well, that the sun will rise again tomorrow and that I will be glad to see it. And when it does, I will have some more of this bracing tea.

By the way, at prices ranging from $3 for a sample to $24 for a pound, this tea is a definite bargain, something to keep on hand for good days and bad. Kudos to Narien. This has quickly become my "go to" tea, for those times when you just want a good cup of tea. Big but gentle, nothing can really lessen its solid magic.

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