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Thumbs up!"Bust out the Matchbox for this Russian inspired, English Blend."
Troy’s Teaview: 7/10
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russiancourtcupteavityI wanted to try this blend in the traditional Russian way, but on the one side I didn't have a Samovar, (seriously? I just had a birthday people.) and on the other hand I didn't have a matchbox and three Gulag inmates to share it with, nor a shank to ensure I got my fair share. Fortunately this blend is only Russian in name, and slightly so in flavour.

CupTeavity is following a rich British, and later American, tradition of naming and flavouring products to evoke exotic foreign imagery in the mind of their customers. This is a traditional British blend, complimented by the addition of currants and orange bits, as well as, it appears, lemon grass.

My first steep was as is traditional for Black Tea's in general, and British blends in specific, to be specific it was with near boiling water for five minutes. It brewed up a light red, as all tea with lemon does. Clear and clean on the eyes, and strongly citric to the nose. It assailed my buds with bold malty flavours, and the rich, tannin overtones of Assam, this is all slightly unbalanced by the strong citrus tang, but is returned to normalcy by the smoothing effects of the currant and lemon grass. They form a sort of flavour bridge between two strong contenders.

The second time around I steeped the spent leaves for about ten minutes. I did this more as an act of cheap-skatery than any actual belief that I'd get anything remotely interesting in the flavour department. After ten in the wash I poured it off, first to the pot, then to the cup, and was surprised that the leaves had once again yielded more than just a purty colour. Its was rather a shocker as most flavoured teas attain such by chemical means, and the bits of fruit etc., are added for entirely decorative reasons. This blend holds both the rich flavour of black tea, and the citrus twist until the third steep, something odd for a flavoured black tea. This is my first sampling of a CupTeavity blend, and I have to say I'm somewhat impressed, and definitely looking forward many more.

— To purchase CupTeavity Russian Court English Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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