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Thumbs up!"This tea is definitely drinkable. I wish I had a third cup in the pot and I've just started sipping the second. For a tea, I'd call that a success."
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stashearlgreylooseI have to admit to a certain snobbery when it comes to Stash Teas. I can't think of Stash without picturing tea bags. I've been having an edumacation lately as I've received some very nice samples of some very nice teas, all loose leaf and all from Stash.

In this case, it's Stash's Earl Grey. The loose leaf is undistinguished, broken, black, twisted and a bit wiry. There is a strong scent of bergamot to the dry tea. Everyone knows that Earl Grey is scented with oil of bergamot. Not many dealers will bother telling you what their base tea is, other than 'black'. Stash's Earl Grey is blended with "superior grades of Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka and black teas from China" and it shows. The bergamot is definitely there, but everything is just so well balanced. I'm enjoying both flavors, along with the combination. It's rather like music, being able to appreciate what the soprano sax is doing, and the voice of the vibes, but not losing the flavor of the whole.

I also like that the website gives background that you don't always see, like how the bergamot oil is processed and stored. I'm pleased to be drinking this, after a stressful day and week. It's feeling like an island of sanity, even if it took me until after 10pm to find it. It's rather like being there-there'd by a perfect companion, one who understands everything and doesn't insist you talk about it.

My usual M.O. is at work here, 212, 17oz, 2 tsp., 5 minutes, sweetened. And it's awfully nice. This is a tea that stays in the background. I almost said, 'where it belongs' but that isn't what I mean. This is a tea that doesn't clamor for attention. It doesn't insist on being the star of the show, even for the short time I'm spending with my nose in my mug. I'm very pleased with that as I head back to the kitchen for my second mug. I'm smiling a bit, I'm breathing more deeply. I don't even mind the four hours of homework I have in front of me before I can go to bed.

...Okay, I was bad, I left the leaves in the pot with the second cup, so they got overbrewed. All it did was contribute a tannic note that wasn't there before. It isn't really unpleasant. The combo is still going strong, a bit discordant, but not in a bad way. This tea is definitely drinkable. I wish I had a third cup in the pot and I've just started sipping the second. For a tea, I'd call that a success.

Stash Earl Grey is a bargain at $4.00 for 50g and $6.75 for 100g. If you're looking for an everyday, comfortable companion, something to pull off the shelf when you're stressed and don't want to contribute a lot to the conversation, this is your tea.

— To purchase Stash Earl Grey (Loose Leaf), or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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