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Thumbs up!"This made some of the best iced tea I've tasted, a flavor of sweet orange, bergamot and other citrus, with a really good black tea base that can handle the competition."
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teaspotearlgreyLet me start by saying that this may sound like a negative review, but it isn't. Not everybody likes everything, and that's okay. I'll just tell you about my experience of this pretty tea, with its compact, deep dark brown leaves, and flower petals of yellow and blue. I'm not sure what the flowers were about or why they were there, but the tea was as pretty as its picture suggests.

Then I opened the bag and was assailed by aromas I couldn't begin to identify, not all of them pleasant. Used and ignored gym apparel comes to mind. I could get a faint background hit of bergamot, but I had to look for it. The website lists "black tea with the perfect proportions of citrus and bergamot" and that works for me. The good side smelled like an orange creamsicle or an Orange Julius to me, with a faint tang of bergamot. The only problem was that the more I sniffed the bag, the more I didn't like it. It was almost a chemically nasty aroma, and it made me apprehensive about the taste of the tea.

Still, I try to be a good little tea reviewer, and fair, so I brewed some up. Black tea standard modus operandi, 212, 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces, 4 and a half minutes. The hot tea smelled and tasted exactly as the dry tea had smelled. I was on the edge of calling it undrinkable, but I decided that I at least had to try a second brewing of the leaves. At 4 minutes, this was slightly better, especially copiously sweetened, but I still managed to leave my mug sitting, forlorn and forgotten on my desk.

The tea was quite cold when I rediscovered it. Just as an experiment, I decided to add ice, and that was when revelation hit hard and between the eyes. This made some of the best iced tea I've tasted, a flavor of sweet orange, bergamot and other citrus, with a really good black tea base that can handle the competition. The whole thing also handled ice well, not losing flavor or character with the dilution.

As summer approaches, I highly recommend this tea for iced tea. It's just perfect for this use. My rating for this tea is based mostly on its success for me as an iced tea. At 7.99 for three ounces, or $33,50 a pound, this will keep you in beverage heaven all summer.

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