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Its OK"The smell was more faint, not as sweet...and tart like over-ripe strawberries. I wasn't sure what happened to the kiwi in the steep."
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zhenastrawberrykiwiThere was this little shop in San Diego I used to go to that had the best kiwi strawberry sorbet I'd ever tasted. It became a regular summertime staple, especially when the weather reached sauna-like temperatures. Nothing beat it. Well, except maybe fudge, but that's not really a sunny sorta decadence. Finding that kind of fruit hybrid in liquid form was a near impossibility.

I'd seen Zhena's teas in the supermarket several times, but never paid it much heed. Aside from Numi and Stash, I'd migrated away from the bagged variety for the most part. I never thought that would occur, but there was absolute truth to loose leaf teas producing more flavor. Then the opportunity presented itself to try their Strawberry Kiwi. My dessert-happy subconscious obliged.

What I failed to realize when first trying this was that green tea was used as a base. A part of me thought it would be a tisane, but that made little difference. It was easy to miss amidst the laundry list of ingredients already included. The tea dossier read like an herbal rap sheet. I'd list 'em all here, but it would take too long. And I'm too lazy. Go to the site if you're that curious.

From the list and the smell of the disk-shaped teabag, I thought I was in for a treat. The scent was like the sorbet I knew, strong on both the strawberry and kiwi; bordering on tropical. I got the sensation of sipping a fu-fu drink on a quiet island resort, or basking on a bench with an ice cream cone. All that from a whiff gave the blend promise.

It being a teabag sort, I subjected it to my usual work-related teabag ritual. 12 oz. coffee mug, preheated water, and a guesstimated steep time. Standard fair for a to-go tea, even if the baggy was circular.

The liquor brewed to a pale red. I was expecting something darker, what with the inclusion of hibiscus, usually a coloring agent. The smell was more faint, not as sweet...and tart like over-ripe strawberries. I wasn't sure what happened to the kiwi in the steep.

Taste-wise, it was similar to my own efforts at steeping freeze-dried strawberries. One would expect flavor to be imparted, but are instantly torn between like and dislike. Strawberries themselves start out sweet but give off a rotten tang toward the finish. Same was the case here. This marks one of the few instances where I would sanction the inclusion of more flavoring agents.

— To purchase Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Strawberry Kiwi, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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