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Thumbs up!"I really heaped in the tea and this yielded me a very strong, heady cup of rich, lustrous chestnut liquor. Lots of red to it. Gorgeous. The strong flavor was very hearty and not bitey or bitter till my last sips."
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tippy_earl_grey_big.jpgI've been having a downright hankering for Earl Grey tea of late. I have a funny relationship with Earl Grey tea. My first experiences with Earl Grey came in the form of bagged Stash Tea Earl Grey in my early teen years. To me, this tea, with its peculiarly addictive fragrance and pedigree sounding name, seemed exceedingly sophisticated, and used to tranport me in mind, rightly or wrongly, to the settings of the English novels I was reading at the time. Reason enough to drink it! I still think there is something transporting about the scent of Earl Grey, with the bergamot scent rising over the black tea like a hauntingly sung descant.

All this is just leading me to describe the smell of Golden Moon's Tippy Earl Grey. Wow! What a physical, intense, perfume! This tea is worth trying simply to inhale the incredible fragrance, which is so high, light, wonderfully perfumed...citrusy and spicy floral. Mmmm. It has a fantastic smell. I was interested in the term tippy, which I had not encountered before (black teas are not an area I have a great deal of personal or technical experience). I found a basic definition at a website called They define "tippy" as "generally reserved for describing black teas, the term "tippy" describes teas having a noticeable proportion of young tea leaf buds, which are lighter than the tea leaves themselves, often golden in color." This particular tea is indeed lighter in color, overall, than I had expected from a black tea. The Golden Moon website itself doesn't discuss coloration so much as emphasize their choosing a tea base with "extra emphasis placed on leaves that contain extra tips to the point of choosing FOP grade pluckings."

My first steeping was with very hot, near boiling water for three minutes. I really heaped in the tea and this yielded me a very strong, heady cup of rich, lustrous chestnut liquor. Lots of red to it. Gorgeous. The strong flavor was very hearty and not bitey or bitter till my last sips, as though the bitterness had sunk to the bottom of my cup.

This, I believed, had everything to do with using too much leaf with my cup, so I tried again. This was better the second time around. I made a resteeping of the second brew and it too was wonderful, extremely fragrant, wonderfully perfumed with a distinct citrusy character that I really enjoyed. This tea invites some sort of milk or cream addition, be it dairy or soy based. The tea is lightly astringent, as well. I note that the website describes this tea as having lavender overtones. I noticed a definite floral scenting to the tea, but didn't place it exactly as lavender. The citrusy almost lemony taste is much more noticeable. This is a wonderfully fragrant Earl Grey made considerably better by the choice of a strong, high quality black tea as its back up.

I frequently relate taste and scent, and even colors, to sound. This may or may not be useful in describing the tea's flavor, but I'll try anyway. In various Earl Grey's, the bergamot scenting may be either deep and resonating like a bass voice, medium bodied and full like an alto, or high and strongly melodic, like a soprano. I would describe this tea as being very soprano in its flavoring. Very interesting and enjoyable!!

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