Review: Thunderbolt Tea Puttabong SFTGFOP1 2009

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Thumbs up!"Overall, this tea is complex and beautiful."
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thunderboltputtabongDespite all efforts to convince myself otherwise, seven days on a houseboat is not conducive to getting tea reviews done, so I've been looking forward to this black tea for well over a week. That's a lot to live up to for poor Thunderbolt. To add to that, my flush experience is rather limited, so I must mostly rate this tea based on its own merits right now rather than as compared to other first flushes.

The medium-sized leaves of this tea are prismatic and beautiful. I used a heaping teaspoon for seven ounces of water, even springing for bottled water this time. After three minutes, I got an amber cup with the enticing scent of fruit with a hint of spice. It has been awhile since I found a flavour this exciting. It is laced with hints of flowers and fruit. When I look closely, I can find traces of sourness and bitterness, but they do not detract from the flavour; rather, they add to the depth and experience.

My attempt at a second steep didn't fare extremely well. It is still a delicious cup of tea, but once you have the first steep, the second isn't as brilliant. The flavour is less complex and pronounced. I gave it to my husband, and he loved it, but after I let him try a first steep, he realised why the first cup I gave him just doesn't compare. Overall, though, this tea is complex and beautiful.

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  1. Steven Says:

    I have very much enjoyed all these reviews of Thunderbolt 2009 teas. One of the things I’ve become aware of very recently is how seasonal teas are, like fresh peaches or apples from the tree: if you can get the tea near the time it was picked, it’s entirely different from the teas sitting in a bin for a year, or two years, or however long. With Thunderbolt and some other serious tea purveyors, they tell you exactly when the tea was plucked, allowing you to get the most out of it. Thanks, Katie, as always, for the detailed review.

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