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Thumbs up!"This pleasant darjeeling includes hints of valencia, apricot, and pecan. It is an all day tea and quite enjoyable."
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teafrogTo begin with, the tangled alpha-numeric figure at the end includes the phrasing "Graded Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Grade 1," according to the packaging. This interesting blend emits a heavy aroma in its dry form that falls somewhere in the range of valencia and pecan with some hints of late flowers. The same blend of scents continues in the liquid form, but to a significantly reduced degree.

This tea produces a thick texture, much heavier than is traditional for a darjeeling. It isn't syrupy and doesn't drag on the tongue, however, so nothing negative is attached to the attribute. The flavor is mild, primarily rooted in the core green tea. Additional flavor contributions include hints of that same orange and something halfway between bitter and tangy that feels closest to freshly ripened apricot. A flower is a more likely candidate than an apricot, but I can't place it.

I particularly enjoy the aftermath of this blend. It doesn't leave a dry tongue, as is sometimes the case with similar teas, and it seems to carry minimal physiological effect beyond the soothing warmth that comes with previously boiled water. It feels like a tea that can be enjoyed at any point of the day and that's a respectable characteristic.

This tea is interesting and recommendable. It is still a wholly darjeeling tea, so the recommendation remains within those bounds, but it is nonetheless a fine specimen.

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