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Thumbs up!"This tea is mild bodied with a full vanilla flavor predominant and a nicely warm and spicy finish. I thought the pairing of flavors was well done."
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californiavanilla-earlgreyThis blend from California Tea House, described as a new twist on an old classic, is attractive to look at with its medium length black leaves and bright blue and pale yellow petals mixed in for color. Perhaps of much more interest to the brewer of this tea, however, is the incredible tasty smell of the leaves. The bergamot is there, to be sure, but overlaying and softening the spicier aspects of the bergamot is a creamy, full vanilla scent.

I used a heaped tablespoon of leaves to a 24 ounce tea pot for our morning breakfast. My husband is a lover of all things sweet and this tea had intrigued him from the start. Pouring the boiling water over the leaves releases a rush of vanilla scent with a creamy complexion and a little spiciness to boot. I used three minutes for the first infusion - which is my standard for black teas. The tea brewed up surprisingly pale and I wondered if I had used enough leaf. The tea base is not super strong (it's a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Nilgiri leaf) and can take a longer steeping quite well. I used five minutes for our next pot and that was fine as well. You will definitely extract all the goodness of this blend with your first infusion. It's not really the type for multiples.

If sweet tea is not your thing, be cautious with how you sweeten this tea. It's quite a treat on its own and I felt that the first dose of sweetener almost made it too sweet. I was more cautious second time around and liked it better as the vanilla and dessert-y qualities came out more prominently. This tea is mild bodied with a full vanilla flavor predominant and a nicely warm and spicy finish. I thought the pairing of flavors was well done and an Earl Grey lover or someone who likes a sweet treat now and again (my husband commented that we should buy some of this after his first sip!). I'd best recommend this as an afternoon tea as it's a little milder and the sweetness seems better paired to post breakfast sipping. If you are shy of strong bodied black teas, this one would be very pleasant indeed to you. Someone preferring a strong black tea might find the tea a little on the mild side, but would probably like it nonetheless. I know I did!

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