Review: Norbu Tea Imperial Dian Hong

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Thumbs up!"A rich action packed black tea of yore."
Troy’s Teaview: 9/10
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norbudianimperialI love the smell of a good black tea like the one slowly working itself smooth and supple in the pot before me. Its got the gentile rich musk of adventure, of war stories told by old men who in their words are immediately transformed into young stupid kids flying fighter planes. It reminds me of aged leather-work, and old trunks with international and exotic labels. I know that black tea is plain as old boots, and comes largely from cheap bulk sources, but to a kid from a country that idolizes coffee it really doesn't take much to seem rich and exotic, a small box of loose black leaves from darkest Africa, India, or (in the best English accent I can fake) treacherous China, is enough to fill the need.

As with the scent the color is also rich in the traditions of fine leather, with supple browns, light tans, and ruddy purples. The leaves were tightly curled little crisp spears, surprisingly consistent and unfragmented considering all the dangers of shipping. The leaves unfolded showing only slight tearing and breakage, but otherwise looked like soft brown little leaf-rags as you'd expect. The smell deepens and grows richer as color slowly steeps into the water, your most definitely going to keep things rolling for the full five minutes, this is a fairly slow brewing black tea, and it seems to segment the water in sunset like waves of amber and red, requesting a sharing pitcher for a more even flavor.

It smothers the tongue in a miniature replication of Assam, but with a slightly sweet wisp of an almost Ceylon flavor. The flavor lasted well into the third or fourth steep, and was appreciated each time. A beer drinker could easily discern the malt on the tongue, and a wine lover will no doubt discern "black currants" even if they've never actually had the fruit, but what really shines through is the tongue smothering tannin beauty that is black tea. Start a pot, open a good action packed work of classical literature, or scientific romance, and enjoy.

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