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Thumbs up!"A Strong Rich breakfast blend, exactly what a breakfast blend should be. It begs to be used as the fodder in an "I like my tea like I like my men" joke."
Troy’s Teaview: 9/10
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teaforteenglishbreakfastI often find myself wishing I knew more about the assorted processes, traditions, and methods involved in getting a tea leaf from the plant into my cup, but as I don't have the money to travel the world and see all this hands on, I just have to amuse myself with trying to figure out "How Dey Do Dat" from the finished product. Sometimes it seems as if the deck is stacked against me, like when a tea-blender explained, in our forums, that flavored teas are rarely flavored by the bits of fruit etc., in the blend, but rather by natural fruit flavors infused through an alcohol based process.

When a Tea blender, be it Tea Forte, or the importer/wholesaler they buy it from, hires a new person to mix the leaves, I assume there are a handful of classic favorites that must be demanded at the interview. When a bartender, or Barista in any decent cafe, is hired he's asked at the interview to mix the classics, the known favorites. Its pretty sane to demand a sample of their ability to blend the mainstays that keep you in business. When it comes to tea I imagine the first is Earl Gray, if you can't blend a decent Earl Gray you can't profitably blend tea, next would have to be that mix of different green teas that forms the base of so many common tea blends, and finally they'd have to make a decent breakfast blend.

It is the breakfast blend that powered England, Ireland, and Scotland in their tea guzzling heyday, A good breakfast blend is an eye-opener, a mix of strong black Indian, African, and Chinese teas intended to get you up and moving in the mourning, and ready for work. It was to the British empire, what coffee was to 1950's America. In fact I'm sure I could find some way to twist the facts and prove that the empire fell due to poorly made breakfast blend. Its gotta be in those history books somewhere.

I didn't really like Tea Forte's Jasmine green, but I think in this case they got things just right. This is a rich, strong blend of, I can only guess, a significant part Assam, that grabs the tongue in an almost physical way, and smothers it in rich amber caramel, and a creamy chocolaty flavor. This is Black Tea, it shouts it from the roof-tops, it demands recognition and makes no apology. It doesn't fetter itself, it doesn't weaken itself, it challenges cream, milk, or sugar to tame it. Quite frankly I can't imagine the casual tea drinker taking this without milk, as it stands it well, but I personally really liked the full brunt of its assault.

While I'm still not a fan of the litter factor present in their packaging (hopefully someone from tea forte posts in the comments or forums and explains its all biodegradable or something), I am definitely a fan of this blend, in fact I'd gladly spend a few bucks on ebay for the blenders rookie card, why don't we have cards dang it...

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