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Thumbs up!"Lately I have really been leaning towards white teas, yet the taste of this tea is enough to pull back to black teas. It reminds me why I have loved them for so many years."
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jingokaytiWhile I have been a black tea drinker for years, it has always been mixes such as English and Irish breakfast teas and flavored black teas which never seemed to state just what type of black tea. Tonight is going to be my first experience with a Darjeeling black tea. In doing some research, I discovered that Darjeeling tea is produced in Darjeeling region of India. As silly as it might sound, I have to admit to always being surprised when I run across a tea grown in China. I guess that my subconscious is convinced that all tea should come stamped with the ‘Made In China’ label. Darjeeling teas are also known as ‘The Champagne of Teas’ and should have a fruity, floral taste with a slight astringency. There are several estates that produce Darjeeling tea and my sample is from the Okayti Estate.

Looking at my sample itself, the leaves are small and wiry with a good bit of tea dust mixed in which I attribute to being shipped a few times. The color of the leaves range from a lighter gold, to a deep green to a heavy brown. Definitely a pretty sample. The scent is lightly vegetal with a tart highlight that I am unable to properly describe.

I set my tea to brewing in my Zarafina on a black tea setting at medium strength. The tea brews up to a medium golden brown color and the scent is one of black tea. I wasn’t able to pick up a fruity or floral scent at all. I don’t want to give the impression that the scent was poor, weak or anything but delightful as I love the scent of a good black tea. The taste slightly sweetened was also one that I enjoyed. This Darjeeling is one very smooth black tea with just the slightest fruitiness with a tingle of astringency hitting the back of my tongue. However it was not anything special to my taste buds. Then I added a touch of half-n-half and my whole impression changed. Rather than the cream covering the taste of the tea, it enhanced the tastes. Now I am able to pick up a floral taste, one that is light yet lingers in the mouth. Lately I have really been leaning towards white teas, yet the taste of this tea is enough to pull back to black teas. It reminds me why I have loved them for so many years.

This is one tea that I could see brewing up in the mornings to wake up to and again in the afternoon as a pick me up. There is only one reason that JING Tea Darjeeling Tresor Tea won’t become a staple in my cupboard and that is simply because they are located in England. I do highly recommend this tea to any of our readers in the UK as JING offers free shipping if your order is over 40 pounds and this is a tea well worth enjoying.

— To purchase JING Tea Okayti Estate Darjeeling Tresor Black Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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