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Thumbs up!"This is a truly great - and exceptionally sweet - flavored tea with complex flavor patterns that is definitely worth exploring."
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culinarycaribbeanblueCulinary Teas comes to us from Indiana, and they offer a wide variety of teas (bagged and loose), tea ware, gifts, tea-of-the-month clubs, accessories, and even consulting services. The company is owned by a two-woman partnership with a significant amount of tea experience.

Caribbean Blue Lady is a flavored tea that really takes you aback upon first greeting it. Its aroma is a dead ringer for fresh taffy or even circus peanuts! That may be off-putting to some (most?) but I loves me some circus peanuts, personally! The actual ingredients in this tea are listed as coconut cream, strawberry, kiwi, and blue flowers. Other than the blue flowers, I suspect the other ingredients are some sort of extract/infusion flavoring, as they are not evident by sight. The black tea leaves are rich in color, and range from small to medium, broken leaves. There are also light white/tan bits that have the appearance of tiny wood shavings, but are likely part of the blue flower portion of ingredients. Getting back to that aroma, as you can guess, it's incredibly sweet. Cotton candy comes to mind as well. It's amazing that the coconut, strawberry and kiwi ingredients can present such a seductively-sweet aroma. According to Culinary teas, no sweeteners are added to their flavored teas, and they are all zero-calorie, zero-carbs beverages. Also interesting of note, this tea (as with all flavored teas on offer at Culinary Teas) is sourced from Metropolitan Tea Company, Ltd. - an esteemed company with offices in Canada, US, and Europe. I'm unsure if they are referring to the base tea, or if this product is straight from MTC.

On with the tea sampling. A first cup, brewed with 200-degree water for 3 minutes, presents a wonderful cup. The liquor is a very pale coppery amber. The strawberry is really evident on the nose now, and the taste is just as I had hoped and expected - a burst of full, sweet flavor with a perfect marriage of the flavors listed above. This is a very sweet tea that needs no sweetener whatsoever. If you are looking for a dessert tea, look no further. This is probably the most appropriate usage of the term "dessert tea" that I could imagine. It also makes an ideal morning cuppa, for those like me, who have a sweet tooth for breakfast.

A second steeping at the same parameters retains a ton of flavor as well. The flavor palette changes slightly and now has a very faint chocolaty hint to it, and the coconut cream flavor is much more pronounced here, whereas in the first cup it was hardly noticeable. A third steeping presents a less desirable cup, but my recommendation is to definitely absorb two full steepings out of this tea, as the shift in palette is intriguing, not to mention delicious.

This is a truly great flavored tea with complex flavor patterns that is definitely worth exploring.

— To purchase Culinary Teas Caribbean Blue Lady, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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