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Thumbs up!"The notes of honey and vanilla stand out the most. This is one of the few teas that improves drastically as it cools."
Katie’s Teaview: 8.6/10
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andaogoldenmonkeyThis little beauty is my second organic Fujian tea from Andao, which is dandy because I really like the first one. Andao recommends using a gaiwan, so I put a heaping teaspoon of the beautiful gold and gray leaves into my 100 mL pre-heated gaiwan. The leaves unfurl nicely after their first, 30-second steep. The infusion as a whole feels very luxurious. It is buttery and smooth, rich with calm hints of tobacco and pepper. It is hard to find black teas that are as velvety as Michael Bublé's voice, and this exceeds. The smoothness is incredible and makes the cup what it is: Excellent.

As Andao suggests, I steep the second cup for one and a half minutes. I decide to let it cool somewhat (or maybe I wandered off in the middle of a tasting again. you'll never know), and it is one of the best tea-related decisions I have ever made, right down the list from turning my dining nook into a tea office. The notes of honey and vanilla stand out the most. This is one of the few teas that improves drastically as it cools. I don't like adding anything to my hot teas partly because of the principle of the thing but mostly for health and laziness reasons, so when notes of sweetness come through naturally, I love it. I wish I could chug gallons of honey since I really love honey and really hate bees, but that's not good for someone wanting to avoid her teeth falling out in handfuls, so I must find my honey flavour elsewhere. I have found it in this.

Steep three was two and a half minutes and not as riveting as the first two. It was still quite good and smooth, just not as interesting or complex. I left the fourth infusion for 3.5 minutes and found it similar to the third. Not wanting to push my luck and risk ending on a bad note, I stopped at this fourth steep.

Price-wise, this is certainly worth the cost for how indulgent it feels. It tastes more expensive than it is, especially considering how unique the overall cup is. Since it's so good cooled, this is the perfect tea for sipping slowly or making in big batches to drink throughout the day without worrying that it stays piping hot. Or for the days when you just can't seem to find the time to sit down and finish a whole cup in one go.

You've impressed me yet again, Andao. You win this time. Well played.

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  1. Laura Says:

    I soooo wish this stuff wasn’t sold out….DEElicious.

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