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Thumbs up!"On the palate, this spirited bright amber brew shone with oaky acorn notes tinged with mulled wine and some hop type floral flavours that seemed refined but not quite distinctive. "
Raven’s Teaview: 7.7/10
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americanputtabongSometimes one needs to relish in mind soothing activities like the hanging magnetic balls that tink as you pluck one back to watch it hit the rest and knock one off at the other end with a tink, tink, tink. I've always wanted one of those. Yet, there's a comparable reprieve in the rhythmical syllable dance saying Puttabong Darjeeling that it seems your stress level could dissipate simply after uttering Puttabong Darjeeling a couple of times to surely end in a smile. The phrase like the tea becomes quite the mouthful and a more engaging linguistic activity accompanied by Second flush SFTGFOP1Q in the American Tea Room's Second Flush Puttabong Darjeeling SFTGFOP1Q. Apart from material for a new montre, the name starts the tale of the second plucking in the summer, likely in June, from Puttabong in Darjeeling district of West Bengal India. Since this second flush tea is the highest grade of larger whole leaves and lighter buds or tips it is thus named a superfine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe with SFTGFOP1Q. The dark brown tobacco coloured wiry leaves are fine and delicate, suitably darker than one would see from a first flush. They announce their heritage with dry leafy and honeyed muscatel aromas like walking in the forest on a fall day. A further focus teases out sultana raisins and cloves to make a delectable and enticing scent.

One has three minutes of chanting the name to summon the tea by brewing at 195°F. There are no specific suggestions offered by American Tea Room for the quantity of tea for each cup but one teaspoon or 2 grams per cup would yield about 40-50 cups for the 3.5 ounces available. One hefty teaspoon of tea per cup brought a spirited bright amber brew, as if a fine cognac, there is a luxury to the tones. The tea hums with dry honeysuckle florals and sweet spicy scents. On the palate, the oaky acorn notes were tinged with mulled wine and some hop type floral flavours that seemed refined but not quite distinctive. The majestic flavour is countered by a thin body coalescing in a short pleasing finish. Continuing through the cup, a coppery tang builds high on the tongue reminiscent of the sensation when drinking or tasting something that is intensely clove flavoured. Although, astringency is common to second flush darjeelings, I found it somewhat bracing depending how the tannins played on my tongue. The regal flavours and the pep of the tea converge with a shade of dryness that coats the mouth. I find the lighter body of the brew and depth of the palate end feeling not quite complete leaving only the dryness with very little aftertaste.

A second steeping brings further cheer, still fragrant and richly hued. The earthy flavours are milder with more leafy woodiness. The body seems a bit fuller than the first while remaining lively and less dry. That seemed to be the end of this téte à téte. Although the third brewing was still a sight with its jewel toned infusion, the brew itself wasn’t as multi-faceted.

With the rich aromatics and dry muscatel zing of this tea, American Tea Room’s Puttabong Darjeeling SFTGOFP1Q would make for a perfect afternoon cup. It would seem particularly well suited to unravel after some mind gripping adventures, like after meditation perhaps or upon finishing a good book. Either way, whenever one has it, the tea could surely bring a smile as easily as saying Puttabong Darjeeling.

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