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Thumbs up!"Summary, like any infusion and straining device, the Mary pop-in it has its pros and cons, but I found it to be a fun and quirky little gadget that functions well and offers a new way to prepare tea. "
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marypopinThe Mary Pop-in is a unique little device which hails from Australia and is offered by KTeas. This contraption resembles the wire frame of an umbrella (minus the fabric covering) and is designed to fit into the spout of a teapot to strain the leaves as the tea is poured. This allows for tea leaves to infuse in the entire teapot without being constrained to a smaller mesh basket or tea bag. I tried the Mary Pop-in with a sample of KTeas Raspberry yogurt tea. The experience was mostly positive, as I will note below:

1) This item does work effectively. Not one shred of leaves made it into my cup. I don’t thing this would be as effective on rooibos, but is excellent for regular tea and most herbal concoctions.
2) The use of the Mary Pop-in is a nice alternate for situations where an infusion basket is not ideal. For example, I have a beautiful cast iron teapot that I rarely use because the pot is rather tall, but the infusion basket is on the short side; in order to properly infuse the tea, I have to make a really large pot (which means I end up wasting tea). I was able to use the Mary Pop-in with my cast iron teapot today and because of that I was able to use the amount of leaves and volume of water appropriate for my single-person use.
3) The Mary Pop-in is a low-tech and rather simple way to prepare tea, and for this reason may be ideal for those first experimenting with loose leaf tea. Although I find it rather unwarranted, many people comment that they don’t drink loose leaf tea because of the gadgetry required for proper preparation. With the Mary pop-in, you could essentially drop the leaves in the same teapot/kettle that you boiled water in, making for a less intimidating means of making tea.

1) I found clean-up to be a bit messier than with alternate straining mechanisms, such as a infusion basket. Using an infusion basket means simply lifting the basket out of the tea pot and dumping out the leaves. The Mary Pop-in does require a little bit of effort to remove the leaves inside it, as well as from inside the teapot (which is easier said than done). Of course, this does not require a Herculean effort, but I do think it worth pointing out that other straining devices can be a bit simpler.
2) Because there is no way to remove the leaves, you can only prepare as much tea as will be drunk immediately. If you were to pour yourself a cup of tea from the pot, the leaves would still be steeping, so if you tried for a second cup ten minutes later, chances are that the brew would be over-steeped and bitter.

Summary, like any infusion and straining device, the Mary pop-in it has its pros and cons, but I found it to be a fun and quirky little gadget that functions well and offers a new way to prepare tea. KTeas offers these for $5, which is probably affordable in the average tea-drinker's budget.

— To purchase KTeas Mary Pop-in, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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