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Thumbs up!"A sweet enough smell hypnotized me enough to "almost" dunk my head in. That would've been bad."
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decafmuscat.jpgI'm not much of a wine guy. Sniffing corks, letting a liquid "breathe", clutching glasses like a Saturday morning cartoon villain, none of this really appeals to me. That isn't to say I haven't run across ones I've liked. On the lighter end, Muscat Blancs. Love 'em.

Call me simple, but the main reason for my leaning is the fact that they maintain a fruity flavor. You'd think something coming from a grape should taste a wee bit like a grape...not fruit-flavored battery acid (which is my general impression of cabernets). What does this have to do with tea? I'll tell you.

Some time ago, I received a package of teas that a fellow reviewer wanted to empty from her storage; teas that she'd never get to. I know this feeling, I'm experiencing it at the moment. There's a neglected monkey-picked Ti Kwan Yin on the shelf. It mocks me with its sad canister. Anyway...

One of the options was a humble little bag from Lupicia Tea; a decaf black tea. Two things are wrong with that description - "decaf" and "black". At the time, I was still a bit of a white tea snob. Darker teas were not my cup of...uh...yeah. CO2-decaffeinated teas made me sneer. However, up 'til then I did have good luck with single estate Ceylons and some scented blacks. This was touted - per the site description - as being scented with muscatels. The grapes of my much-be-"lusted" muscats.

There was about a tablespoon of tea in the fishnet sachet. Appearance-wise, it was like any other black tea but had a divinely sweet floral smell that couldn't be denied. I wanted to eat the sachet, that's how good it smelled. I was at work, so brewing methods were simplified - coffee mug, boiling water, dunk, wait.

The infusion darkened to a very, very deep red. Bordering on maroon. A sweet enough smell hypnotized me enough to "almost" dunk my head in. That would've been bad.

If your palate were a door, and your tastes buds a knob, this black tea would be that pushy guest ringing your doorbell repeatedly. It's the first thing in the door. The muscatel scenting is the patient guy (or girl) in the dress suit that waltzes in after...whistling all the while. The taste was mighty powerful for a decaf tea. Good luck sleeping with the images wine scents dancing through your mind.

— To purchase Lupicia Tea Decaf Muscat, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Ona Luna Says:

    “There’s a neglected monkey-picked Ti Kwan Yin on the shelf. It mocks me with its sad canister.” <— had me laughing. Love your reviews.

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