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Thumbs up!"They are obviously crafted with great care, interest, and with a well balanced hand. The chocolates all have a beautiful, clear gloss to them, and the tastes are just wonderfully well done. "
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tearoomchocolate-barsI recently was able to try three different chocolate bars offered by the Napa Valley, California company The Tea Room. There were a few reasons I was delighted to try these bars and while not necessarily in this order, they include the fact that I love chocolate, I love tea, and these chocolate bars are flavored using tea infusions, thus joining in heavenly embrace two of my favorite material delights in the gustatorial world! I was also delighted with the fact that all ingredients used in these bars are from organically grown and produced sources. Congratulations to the chef, Mr. Heinz Rimann, and his team for they have come up with a line up of bars that smell and taste fantastic - the evidence of the care they took in locating fine ingredients comes through from the first glance.

Cheery, brightly patterned packaging and a whimsical logo catch the eye immediately and once you get a glance at some of the infusions in the chocolates, you'll surely want to explore what's underneath the wrapper. My own samples included the following: a dark chocolate (58%) raspberry rooibos, a milk chocolate (38%) jasmine, and a dark chocolate (58%) green earl grey. If only the question "where to begin" murmured aloud were such a happy conundrum all the time!! I opted to sample the chocolates in stages so as not to mix the flavors up too much.

I began with the raspberry rooibos. This is a dark chocolate bar with a 58% cacao content (I am a dark chocolate lover basically exclusively and 55% is my usual favorite so this was easy to look forward to). True to the company's description of this bar being "undeniably raspberry," the fragrance of the berries wafted out in wonderfully chocolatey company. The super smoothly poured, very dark chocolate had a lovely sheen to it - quite appealing to the eye. The scent of the raspberry was bright and rich. I think I could honestly describe this as being a raspberry and chocolate lovers dream in bar form. How lovely it would be served with a glass of framboise after a special dinner. The chocolate is very smooth in the mouth and really bursts with a rich berry flavor that fully coats the mouth and happily has no strange or artificial tasting aftertastes. It's quite delicious. The dark chocolate is very smooth overall.

My next sampling was of the other Dark Chocolate offering: Green Earl Grey. This was the bar that my husband was most looking forward to sampling so he got a large piece as well (which he loved and found to be his favorite of the three). Initially, this bar tasted a little bitter to me and I had trouble distinguishing the bergamot in the bar. It had been in a cold area so I tried it again when it was in a warmer room in the house. What a difference! Whereas before the flavors were a little muddled and hard to perceive, they all popped when I tried the bar a second time. The dark chocolate is perfectly matched to the spicy and somewhat citrusy notes of the bergamot. The green notes of the tea I think are discernible in a pleasantly balanced marriage with the dark chocolate, a tangy sort of bitterness that engages the senses as it zips along the sides of the tongue and dances with the dark spicy citrus of the bergamot. This is a fine match up. It's not hard to ascertain why this was a two time award winner - winner of the 2009 Top Gear of the Year Award as well as the SOFI silver award. This is an absolutely excellent bar, dark and engaging, really sophisticated and a treat to taste. The pair up seems darned near perfect and I am so glad I came back for a second tasting of this bar. And I'm so glad that we ate only a tiny portion of this chocolate bar at the colder temperature. It's amazing what a difference of only a few degrees can make in terms of taste...but then again, as a tea lover, I should know that!

I saved the Jasmine Milk Chocolate with Tangerine Orange for last. Generally I'm not a milk chocolate fan. Milks tend to coat my tongue too thickly for me to enjoy them and are generally a little too sweet for my tastes as well. I also thought initially that the idea of a Chinese Jasmine tea combined with anything sweet and milky sounded...just odd. Could anyone have been more wrong? I think this chocolate bar was my favorite and in fact is the best milk chocolate I've ever had! I'm actually emailing my local co-op and requesting that they see if they can carry these bars in the store based on the crazy delicious impression this one left me with. The second your mouth closes around a tiny piece of this chocolate your senses themselves are infused (pun intended) with a wonderfully luxurious, almost sleepily transporting and complete jasmine, as though you were outside on a patio one perfect Florida night breathing deeply of jasmine growing all around the edges of the stonework and filling the night air with scent. The milk chocolate, instead of seeming a little strange with the floral notes, is perfect. Where the jasmine is a little exotic and rich and permeating, the milk chocolate carries the theme with a rich creaminess of its own. Delightful! An additional interesting ingredient to this bar is tangerine sourced right from Napa. It steps in toward the rear of the tasting and I think the citrus somehow leaves a clean taste in the mouth and simultaneously makes a wonderful bolster to the jasmine. The flavors in this bar work exquisitely together. This bar gets a solid ten in my book, and I think that's really high praise (and it even confuses me a little) since I'm really not much a fan of milk chocolate. I would really recommend you try this bar - even if you aren't partial to milk chocolate and even if you aren't partial to jasmine. If you're a lover or even a liker of either, of course, all bets are off and you should just try it as soon as possible!!

Overall, these were really a treat to try. Imaginative and even a little whimsical both in the cheery packaging and the flavor combinations, they were all three a really enjoyable, delectable dessert to sample. What fun it would be to order both the teas and the chocolates and have a tea and chocolate tasting party with some good friends. I think anyone would enjoy these bars. They are obviously crafted with great care, interest, and with a well balanced hand. The chocolates all have a beautiful, clear gloss to them, and the tastes are just wonderfully well done. The rich aromas make the experience very fine, all the way around. I will definitely be making an order from The Tea Room. There are five other infusions to try, after all!

These chocolate bars are offered as individuals or can be purchased in gift sets. There are also truffles and other individual chocolates available at the company website,

— To purchase The Tea Room Organic Tea Infusions Chocolate Bars, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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    I am really going to have to try these!

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