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Thumbs up!"If you enjoy chocolate at all and are lucky enough to have any of this company's chocolates at one of your local stores please do yourself a favour and pick some up."
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tearoomchocolate-barsTea and chocolate - a girl's best friends. Or at least this girl's best friends. Separate they're fantastic enough, but combined they can reach epic heights. The Tea Room generously sent three flavours up my way:

The first is a dark chocolate infused with raspberry rooibos. This bar is my least favourite, though that isn't saying too much since it is still quite good. I prefer my dark chocolate darker, but overall it is an excellent bar of deliciousness. The raspberry is fantastic and realistic. The problem with raspberry flavoured things is that they often come across as fake and gross, but this is excellently done. While the chocolate doesn't come across as distinctly rooibos, you can tell there's more than just the fruit added. The hint of rooibos flavour is vague, but not unwelcome.

The second chocolate bar is their milk chocolate infused with jasmine and tangerine. The website claims it is just a hint of tangerine, but I found it to be the strongest flavour overall. Normally I don't prefer milk chocolate, but this bar is excellent and bold. The tangerine is fantastic, the chocolate smooth, and the jasmine, while less strong than I would have preferred, blends perfectly with the other flavours. My husband said this one was his personal favourite of all the flavours we tried.

The third and final bar is the dark chocolate bar infused with green earl gray tea. It is my personal favourite of the three. Rich and distinctly earl grey. Impressively, it even tastes specifically like it is infused with a green earl grey tea rather than black tea or just a generic bergamot.

All three bars are as smooth as silk and clearly well made. When I put together a small sample cart, the website told me that ground shipping to Canada would cost me $70, so either something is amiss there, or I would just ship it to my parents then have them send it up this way. U.S. shipping costs seem very reasonable, so that is a very doable option if needed. I would definitely buy these if I didn't have to ship them and ohmygoodness. Their website says they're going to be available soon at all London Drug locations in Western Canada. I live in Western Canada. *squeals of delight* Um, yes, onwards. I will definitely be buying these regularly once available at my local London Drugs, and if I had to ship them, I'd still probably get a box or so around Christmas for my, uh, husband. If you enjoy chocolate at all and are lucky enough to have any of this company's chocolates at one of your local stores (a list of vendors is available on their website) please do yourself a favour and pick some up.

— To purchase The Tea Room Organic Tea Infusions Chocolate Bars, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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