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Thumbs up!"I'm hard-pressed to use a taster note like "chewy". Steaks are chewy. Wookies are "Chewie". Teas are not. Well, I stand corrected, this drink was chewy."
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teasetcassamsomethingeBefore this Teas Etc offering, I hadn't tried a solely Assam-based tea. I had experienced some blends with a heavy Assam lean, but not the supposed "malty" beverage by itself. Other Indian tea fans I've talked to related their experiences - rather poetically, mind you - of the nuanced, dark beverage.

The dry presentation of this sample consisted of curled, dark brown tea leaves with flecks of lighter colored ones interspersed throughout. Scent-wise, the batch was like molasses in leaf form; a faint odor of oatmeal, slightly earthy, malty. To put it more geekily, I was reminded of Yoda having chocolate ice cream in the middle of the Dagobah swamp.

The Teas Etc site recommended brewing 1 tsp per 8oz of boiling water for four-to-five minutes. (I did just that, but with 16oz.)

The shade of the liquor was peculiar. The red this came to was unique and robust. I actually had to look it up, hold the drink up to the computer screen to compare. What an odd statement to say it came out "rufous".

I'm hard-pressed to use a taster note like "chewy". Steaks are chewy. Wookies are "Chewie". Teas are not. Well, I stand corrected, this drink was chewy. Malty. Thick. Barrel-chested, hair-on-the-pecs hearty. A bit dry at the end. I feel like I should be having a cigar with this.

I should also say that the flavor was multi-faceted, since "kicked-my-ass" is not a flavor. This is the second manliest tea I've ever tried. First being Lapsang Souchong. Smell could only be described as smoked, dark unsweetened chocolate that's been put over a roaster.

Unlike other black teas, the second steeping was nearly as strong. And while they recommend that it can go well with cream and sweetener, I say go a little light on the creamer. There's so much to be enjoyed without cutting it with something milk-like. Opt for some vanilla instead...but only if you want to be labeled a sissy.

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4 Responses to “Review: Teas Etc. Assam Reserve”

  1. Arnold Zeman Says:

    IMHO, I prefer Estate Assam steeped for 3 minute maximum so I can enjoy it unadulterated with milk. Anything longer I’m afraid MUST have the dairy additive.

    My Rating: 9/10

  2. jamie Says:

    I’d be hard pressed to not be impressed highly by a tea review that manages to incorporate a mention of the fabulous wookie of star wars yore. Thanks for that.

    I’ve been curious about the tea, too, so appreciated the review for other than wookie related reasons!

  3. Katie Says:

    This sounds amazing… Hair on my chest hearty? That’s my kind of Assam.

  4. Geoff Says:

    @Arnold – I’ve learned – albeit late – that steeping Indian teas for less time brings out a zesty, less bitter brew. I was only following their recommendation. Still came out good, though.

    @Jamie – Yar velcome. 🙂

    Katie – Be prepared to shave after having it. Just sayin’.

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