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Thumbs up!"Truly a sensory experience with the promise of plummy goodness from its luxurious colour and delicious fruity aroma, this blend offers just as much tactile adventure with bursts of hibiscus sour, cinnamon sweet and tingles of licorice root but it is hard to find the plum in the cup. "
Raven’s Teaview: 8/10
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cinnamonplum.jpgWhen Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, what a putz that he was to pass up a cup of spiced plums! But he probably saw that Little Jack Horner had already stuck his finger in the plum pie so the cup of spiced plums were suspect. With ever so many kinds and colours of plums, it seems rather surprising that they don't find their way into many beverages or confections. I can't help associate plums with a whimsy and comfort thinking of dancing sugar plums filling people's dreams in the nights before Christmas. The combination of plums with spice is even more homey and nurturing, so upon encountering Rishi's Cinnamon Plum, I was eager to pick a peck for myself. Apart from the not so often flavour of this blend, as a caffeine-free herbal tisane that is also produced from Fair Trade and organic manufacture, this blend has further appeal.

Even before opening the package of the tea fully, I was already awash with visions of plum crumble from the divine scent of cinnamon and cooked plums teasing from the package just like aroma fingers from the oven that seem to draw everyone in the house to the kitchen when a spiced fruit crisp, crumble or buckle matures in the oven. Closer to the leaves, the smell is much more intense with a sharp cinnamon scent slicing through a rounder red fruitiness. The heartiness of the cinnamon speaks to the freshness of the ingredients, reminding me of the pungency of freshly grated cinnamon versus the subtle soothing of ground cinnamon from the store. With a touch of licorice root in the aroma, the fragrance is soothingly sweet while it adds a type of earthiness to yield an oaty cinnamon plum aroma of a baked good just marvelously. As the delectable smell just begs to be brewed, looking through the mixture reveals a rich looking assembly of sienna cinnamon bark chunks, pale yellow twig type pieces of licorice root, dark burgundy black red currants and wiggles of dried reddish burgundy hibiscus flowers. The only ingredient that isn't immediately evident from the tea itself listed on the package or the Rishi website, is the natural plum flavours whose presence seems already accounted for in the dreamy scent although it seems a bit strange having currants instead of plum pieces in a plum tea.
In order to bake up this plum crumble for the cup, Rishi recommends using one tablespoon of tea per cup with boiling water. Fortunately, it's far quicker than the actual baked good as Rishi suggest brewing up to five minutes or less. What is even better is that this plum delight offers entertainment while you wait. From the earthy browns and blacks springs a deep burgundy cup, visually suited to celebrate baked red plums. While steeping, the aroma of the infusion softens into a warmer medley of mulled wine than the penetrating scents of the dry blend. The resulting cup is redolent with a fierce cinnamon aroma rounded out with fruity red notes to match the attractive opulence.
There is just as much pizzazz in the taste as the fragrance and appearance allude. A rush of abundant sweetness from presumably the licorice root and currants opens into a shot from the spicy cinnamon and a tang from the hibiscus to fall into a base of light red fruit flavours. I was actually a bit startled by the licorice root sweetness on my first sip but I found it melded into the other flavours as I continued through the cup. It's presence was apparent though more in a slight numbing fuzziness on the tastebuds rather than a taste of licorice. There is a lot going on in this medium bodied brew as the tea seems to challenge each point on your tongue with the interplay of sour, spice and sweet. Apart from the kind of dulling sensation from the licorice root, the hibiscus zings the top of the tongue while the cinnamon sweeps in along the sides of the mouth resting at the base near the throat. Thus, the flavours seem to travel in different directions rather than commingling into an overall palate. While the acidity of the hibiscus adds some liveliness and fruitiness, I found the tea tasted more of hibiscus with a less predominate red fruit character than really seeming like plum. So the added plum flavours seem to contribute more to the wonderful smell of the tea than the actual brew. Yet the robustness of the cup is impressive considering herbal teas and tisanes can often suffer from weak flavour. The tactile adventures continue in a medium finish of cinnamon that leaves a remarkably sweet tingle and taste of cinnamon on one's lips after each sip.
Very unlike a plum cobbler, the tea can be baked yet again. As a further delight, the second infusion is a lustrous ruby red cup that I'd dare say had one up on the colour of Dorothy's slippers from Oz for I was sure thinking there was no place like home with this beautiful brew by my side. The second steeping is quite similar to the first yet the balance shifts slightly with the cinnamon and licorice coming more into focus while the sour note from the hibiscus subsides. Additional steeping is possible but a third cup has very little colour and tastes mainly of cinnamon. I also found it worthwhile to give the tea a good healthy shake to distribute the ingredients evenly before sampling as I had one cup that tasted only of hibiscus and licorice root.

So if Peter Piper had the choice again, with the wonderful aroma and luxurious hue of Rishi's Cinnamon Plum, those peppers would have never had a chance. It is certainly a brew to add some twist for the tongue on chilly nights or iced for sunny days.

— To purchase Rishi Tea Organic Cinnamon Plum, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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