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Thumbs up!"I was initially disappointed that it contained no raspberries at all, but this tea managed to redeem itself: although not quite the real thing, it is evocative of a tart berry flavour amongst a flowery bouquet."
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teasetcraspberryrosePerhaps it's my way of channelling the arrival of spring, but I've been drawn to floral blends like never before lately. I've been experimenting with this gentle tisane from the folks at Teas Etc all week. Described as a blend of fruit and flowers, the ingredients list hibiscus flowers, lemon peel, red rose petals, rose hips, apple pieces and a mysterious and unnamed “flavour”. I'm hoping that this is a raspberry extract of some sort, to make this tea worthy of it's name.

Beautiful to behold, this lively mixture of pinks, purples and reds smells as pretty as it looks. The rose scent is obvious but not cloying, with a lovely fruity undertone to it. With the exception of the “flavour” of course, all the listed ingredients are observable in good-sized chunks. The makers of this tea have graciously printed brewing instructions on my sample's package. They specify to use one level teaspoon per 8 ounce cup and brew with boiling water for 4-5 minutes. As my cup is closer to 10 ounces I used a heaping teaspoon of leaves. In previous tastings I found that at 4 minutes the tea is rather bland and watery, so I went for a 5 minute steep this time. The infusion brews to a light cinnamon colour. The complexity of the aroma has now been reduced to that of wild roses. The brew is rather thin in a pleasantly light way, with a slippery mouthfeel. The rose flavour dominates the top notes, followed by the sweet and sour flavours of the hibiscus flowers, the lemon peel and the apple pieces. Being naturally sweet and slightly tart, one can see why it's Tea's Etc's best selling caffeine-free blend for iced tea. The ingredients support and enhance each other beautifully, resulting in something akin to liquid Turkish delight in the end. As with most tisanes, one can leave them to steep almost indefinitely without any adverse effects. I would suggest steeping longer than the recommended 4-5 minutes as it might be a bit bland for some otherwise. A second steeping is really not worth it, as all the flavours are drained during the first brew.

Although I was initially disappointed that a tisane titled Raspberry Rose Petal contained no raspberries at all, this tea managed to redeem itself by providing a well crafted and soothing brew. Although not quite the real thing, it is evocative of a tart berry flavour amongst a flowery bouquet. As the rose aroma does dominate, I would recommend this only to those a perfumey-tasting tea.

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