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Thumbs up!"Scent and flavor were maltier than other Darjeelings for sure. I, however, did not detect any so-called astringency. This did not leave my palate try like other, darker teas."
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thunderaryaautumnflushAutumn Flush refers to the last harvest in several tea-growing regions, including Darjeeling - right after the rainy season in Autumn. In whole leaf form, they come in three grades. FTGFOP stands for Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe - the second highest grade. Teas harvested in the fall are known for lending a less delicate yet deeper-bodied brew. Some consider the liquor yielded to be less nuanced and multifaceted than earlier harvest periods, others prefer it because it is a fuller black tea.

Thunderbolt describes this as being an exception to the rule for an Autumnal, due to a lighter - more crimson - color, similar to a First Flush offering. The aroma of the leaves was mustier than its other seasonal counterparts, bearing a resemblance to wood dust. I was reminded slightly of an attic in a Victorian home, untouched for years. The usual Indian spiciness was lacking, but the leaves were all Darjeeling in appearance; various greens, browns and yellows.

The usual brewing for Darjeeling teas is between two and three minutes at water brought almost to a boil, or at least so I've heard. Since I was trying this at work, I didn't have the luxury of boiling water. However, the hot water at my disposal was about 190F. I brewed a tablespoon in 12oz for three minutes.

Per Thunderbolt's description, this infused to a medium red liquor, almost crimson. Scent and flavor were maltier than other Darjeelings for sure. I did not detect any so-called astringency, though. This did not leave my palate dry like other, darker teas. Some of the spiciness that wasn't detectable in the dry scent made it to the taste. It had the feeling of caramelized onion; a flavor combination I've only found in cheese.

That did it. The world can finally end. I've compared a tea to cheese. I can die accomplished now.

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