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Thumbs up!"None of the flavours were too strong or weak, and the black tea that was the backbone still came through and danced in time with the other two flavours."
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goldenmoonhoneypearThis is quite possibly one of the best and simplest flavoured black teas I have newly discovered in a while. The Golden Moon People knew what they were doing; most fruity teas don't afford the wonderful recreation of the fruit flavour that is put in, but Honey Pear stands an exception to this trend. The pear was fermented very well into the black, maybe pears were designed to be fantastic fermentation mates, because this tea wasn't a bitter remnant, it actually tasted like a nibble into the skin and flesh of a ripened pear. Pollen pieces were then added in, which gave the tea a sweet-not-sticky honey tone. Neither of the flavours were too strong or weak and the black tea that was the backbone still came through and danced in time with the other two flavours. I have stood helplessly by as tea companies try to ferment honey into their teas, and it simply doesn't work well. The pollen, on the other hand, worked splendidly.

I steeped it at 180 Farenheit for three and a half minutes and by the time two minutes had passed I was eagerly awaiting to drink because the aromatics that it sheds are splendid. The taste is so savoury and blissful that I absolutely must get this tea in stock because it is a rare find. Not often do you find a tea that humbly demands your attention, especially one with fruit and honey done better than merely average. I was astounded by this tea and enthralled with the pear and honey in every single sip.

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  1. Lynn Says:

    That sounds fantastic! I love their logo, too.

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