Review: Thunderbolt Tea Arya Clonal Exclusive 2009 Autumn Flush

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Thumbs up!"The aroma was smoky sweet like a Ghiradelli bonfire."
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For the longest time, I didn't know what "clonal" meant when referring to teas. Visions of a dreary laboratory on a stormy night - with plants in test tubes - came to mind. And, for some reason, the mad scientist kinda looked like Christopher Lloyd with a bizarro goatee. I have no idea why. This delusion was put to rest by a member of the "tealite" who informed me that with clonal teas, a stem is taken and a duplicate plant is "cloned".

So...I was close.


The leafy presentation for this offering was less multicolored than lighter Darjeelings. No shades of green or yellow, just brown. I attributed this to it being a later-season crop. Autumn Flushes are supposed to be darker, after all. One'll occasionally hear about people comparing a tea to chocolate in scent; "chocolate, nutmeg and shades of 'blank'." Sometimes that's the only way to convey the aroma properly. Well, this batch smelled like chocolate. Mall outlet chocolate, to be precise - like passing by a See's Candy, taking a whiff, and drooling.

I brewed water to just under a boil, 16oz for 2 tsp of tea, infused for two minutes. The cup infused to a beer-ish bronze. The aroma was smoky sweet like a Ghiradelli bonfire. On tastedown, there's no getting around the forefront of malt that invades the tongue followed by a slight astringency, but it settles on the palate to a nice blanket of mild spice. The second steep, while equally strong in presentation, was slightly lacking in the subtle nuances - like a decaf tea, which technically it was at that point - but still drinkable and more crisp than the first.

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