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Thumbs up!"Bottom line, even though this baby is pricey it is definitely worth it if you are in the market for a tea maker."
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brevilleteamakerI was lucky enough to win one of these at a recent Steepster Meetup. This review has been much delayed but I really wanted to put it through its paces. I’ve had a Zarafina for years and still like it a lot but I feel that I’ve outgrown it in a lot of ways. Plus who doesn’t like to have something shiny and new? I have to say that this is just about the coolest tea gadget I have ever owned. Here is a list of everything I love about it:

-It looks great. The combination of the glass and stainless steel is great to look at. I’ve already had several guests exclaim “Wow, what is that?”
-There are both preset times and customizable settings as well as a hot water button
-There is a timer function, i.e. you can set it to have tea ready for you in the morning
-It has a “keep warm” button
-It emits a fairly loud but not annoying beep when done
-It’s super easy to clean. The plastic on my Zarafina stained easily
-Watching the basket mechanism in action is vastly entertaining
-It has a small footprint. Space is at a premium in my kitchen so I appreciate that isn’t gigantic
-The glass kettle (made of good thick glass too I might add) is very portable
-Water circulates through the tea leaves very well

Honestly, one of the only faults that I could find was that the measurements are in milliliters. Being the silly American that I am this leaves me completely clueless. The minimum line is 500mL which works out to be a little over two cups. The line is so low that I constantly feel as though it isn’t enough even though two cups is more than ample for a single tea drinker. I don’t think I shall ever actually fill it to the maximum line. I also slightly wish that it boiled the water and then cooled it down rather than just heating it to the desired temp. These two are pretty minor complaints though. The Breville really is one of the best tea makers I’ve come across. Bottom line, even though this baby is pricey it is definitely worth it if you are in the market for a tea maker.

— To purchase Breville One-Touch Tea Maker, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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17 Responses to “Review: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Wow! Lucky win!

  2. Katie Says:

    Is the carafe entirely glass? No rubber gasket inside? Fingers crossed, because it looks fantastic!

  3. Shaiha Says:

    I have been drooling over that tea-maker ever since ATR posted that they have them for sale. Not in the budget right now but now that I have seen your review I will be prodding my hubby to get for me for X-mas. Thanks for the review

  4. Shaiha Says:

    I do have to laugh. It looks as us reviewers are the ones really drooling over this tea-maker. Does that mean that we are all

  5. David Says:

    The carafe is glass…the handle is forged acrylic and does not get hot. Since we have this I can share the one touch does. 51 oz (about 4 cups) for tea or 60 oz of hot water. And for your reference you really do not want it to boil the water and cool it down as that way your water loses oxygen…the boiling is the oxygen leaving your water. It is far better to get the temp without boiling. And Katie there are NO rubber anything…but be careful as all the electronics are in the carafe and you cannot run it under water. You have to carefully rinse it out. It is extremely cool to watch…like the ball dropping from Times Square at New Years! We sold out of our first shipment and are awaiting more. It is the IN thing in Hollywood. And Breville is an Australian company so the quality is very good.

  6. Laura Says:

    I want one SOOOOOOOOOOOO Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. David Says:

    Laura (and the rest of the teaReviewers) You know where to find us when you’re ready. It makes making super fresh Iced Tea a BREEZE!

  8. Katie Says:

    Whoa, hey, there’s another Katie on here! Unless, aside from also dreaming the solution to my work problem, I also managed to think and type that in my sleep. Naw, I doubt it.

    I made about $2.50 in tips today, so another 99 days of that, I and I spring for this beauteous teamaker!

  9. Nicole Says:

    It is definitely drool-worthy. I don’t know how I ever got my without it.

  10. Shaiha Says:

    I do have a question about this brewer though. If the basket is nonremovable, how does one clean it? I am also not sure about the tea continuing to steep while kept warm. I use that feature all the time on my TriniTea and like that it doesn’t keep steeping. However my teamaker isn’t as programable.

  11. David Says:

    Shay: The basket is removable –Also the tea stops steeping when in the warming mode as the basket elevates out of the tea when done…it is a really cool machine.
    We’ll have a video soon!

  12. Shaiha Says:

    Thank you so much for letting me know. I was going by the video the company made and it was kinda silly that in a machine that costs so much that they hadn’t covered those points.

  13. Kathy Says:

    Question for Nicole or another owner: do any plastic parts come in contact with the water? It looks like the lid and basket have plastic components. I’m so hoping not! Thanks.

  14. David Says:

    There are NO plastic parts except the top of the stainless container and yes that does get submerged for a few minutes.

  15. Laura Says:

    David, does it actually fully submerge where the plastic is? I am making a small pot and it looks like the top of the basket is not completely submerged. Maybe only on larger pots?

  16. Heather Says:

    Can you put regular tea bags in this machine? My mom is old school!

  17. Heidi casso Says:

    Just got for a gift and love it!

    My Rating: 9/10

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