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Thumbs up!"It was a great cup of tea! So great – that I got my husband to drink a cup (he’s very picky and doesn’t like to change blends) and later that day, he used the last in the pot as a cup of iced tea and said it was great!"
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bourgeteairishbreakfastBourgea Tea is a very new tea company started by Chris Bourgea in 2008. They are highly committed to quality tea, and Chris enjoys creating his own blends. The company is also very dedicated to reaching younger tea drinkers as Chris started blending and selling his tea on his college Campus.

I love this quote on their About Us page:
“The vision of the company is to change the persona of tea from its stigma as a drink for older ladies in fluffy hats and young girls at tea parties to its splendor as an amazing, flavorful resource for all those who need something spectaculicious to drink. Throw yo’ pinkie up and let the TEA revolution begin!”

It doesn’t matter to me that I’m an older lady… I don’t wear fluffy hats, and have a rocker son (17) who loves tea too! I’ve tried 2 already and am excited to try more.

The first Bourgea Tea I tasted was their Irish Breakfast. I am a fan of a good strong pot of black tea in the morning. But I like my tea to be full bodied yet very smooth. In general, Irish Breakfast tends to be a bit smokey for me, but as I read it was a blend of Ceylon and Assam, I was excited to try it (those being two of my favorite teas)

First, the tea arrived in nice sized leaves – not all broken up, which was my first clue that it would be a great tea. It smelled good – like a good Breakfast Blend black.

I decided to try brewing it 3 different ways before writing this review. I often brew my tea loose leaf right in the pot, but many black teas don’t hold up to this well – ending up bitter. I also brew them in a wide infuser, but sometimes this keeps the tea from fully expanding. I also wanted to see how this tea brewed in a single cup infuser.

My first pot was loose leaf in the pot. I used 2.5 scoops (~2.5 tsp) and water that had just come to the boil. At 6 min I poured my first cup and it was smooth as could be! It tasted very much like a light Ceylon with Assam malty undertones. It was not as strong as I expected for an Irish Breakfast, but I loved it! As I drank through the pot, the taste continued to change. The longer it brewed the more the malt flavor came out. It was delicious! However, by the end of the pot, it was bitter, and I was convinced to try the next pot using my infuser.

So the second pot I used my wide infuser in the teapot – same amount of tea, and same hot water. I brewed this pot for 8 min. (I based the time on the timing and taste of the first pot.) Then I removed the tea and infuser. It was a great cup of tea! So great – that I got my husband to drink a cup (he’s very picky and doesn’t like to change blends) and later that day, he used the last in the pot as a cup of iced tea and said it was great!

The cup infuser was great too, but I had to use a full scoop – brewed 5 min and only got one cup of tea, so I would prefer to brew it in the pot with the infuser – more tea brewed for the money.

This is a great tea for those who enjoy black tea British style blends. The two teas Bourgea Tea has used is very high quality based on the extreme smoothness of the brewed tea. It’s a unique flavor blending only Ceylon and Assam and I loved the malty undertones added to the sweet crispness of the Ceylon.

When in the mood for a good blend, this is one I would often reach for!

— To purchase BourgeaTEA Irish Breakfast, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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