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Thumbs up!"a crisp black tea with prominent cocoa notes "
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One of the many perks of working on the Teaviews staff is that I get to be exposed to teas of many different origins. Whereas the large majority of teas are of Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, or Japanase origin, every now and then we get to sample teas of a less common origin. Today's tea is a black tea from Indonesia's Kertasarie Estate. The dry leaves are very small, consisting of chopped leaves. The leaves have a very prominent cocoal aroma. I prepared my first cup using boiling water and a three-minute infusion. The flavor of the bright reddish-brown liquid was crisp and clean. The flavor was similar to that of a higher quality bagged black tea, and while not very complex in its flavor profile, it did deliver a nice clean black tea flavor. I prepared a second cup with new leaves, this time using a four minute steep time. I was happy to see that the extra minute did not make for a bitter tea, as I was concerned that the broken leaf sizes would result in a tea that goes bitter too quickly. The flavor was perhaps a bit stronger in the second cup, but the same crisp flavor ultimately came through. Both the first and second cups were completely enjoyable without adding any milk or sugar. The cocoa notes of the tea provided enough sweetness to forego adding any sugar. However because this tea is fairly robust in body, I imagine it would take milk and or sugar well for those that prefer to take their tea in this manner. This is an ideal breakfast tea, because it is definitely hearty and sturdy enough to serve as a decent morning brew. I later sampled this tea as an iced tea and found that for me it was perhaps just a little too heavy as an iced tea and was much more enjoyable as a hot breakfast tea. Overall, despite my initial concerns based on the appearance of the dry leaves, I was impressed with this tea. This crisp black tea with prominent cocoa notes is recommended for anyone looking for a strong morning tea.

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